Girls, Coworker sits on my lap?

My coworker and I are becoming good friends. Are relationship is strictly platonic and she is knows that I am married. She hugs me a lot. There have been times when we are working together, and she would sit on my lap. We work in a small office and there have been times she would just plop down on my lap. I never thought much about it much because there are times she would sit on my lap with other coworkers present. The other day she sat on my lap and there were chairs in the office to sit on? Is she just comfortable with me? or Is there something more going on here?
+1 y
Yeah, it's crazy! I talk about my wife all the time and that's the reason why it's so confusing to me. She never says anything inappropriate. She even tells me about her dates.
Girls, Coworker sits on my lap?
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