Guys, I just told the guy I like that I like him. What can you make of his reaction?

Finally I am able to tell him.

Me: You know what, I really like you
Him: (looks shocked)
Him: Thank you. Thats nice of you to say. (Smiling and got shy a little bit)
Me: Ok, take care (we were in lift and reached desired level)
Him: See you later
Me: (just walked fast cause i was freaking shy)

So, what can you make of his reaction? Was I too straightforward?
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First day post confession : Were both at work but im a bit shy so I tried to avoid him (this was not obvious) in morning. Afternoon came, we passed by each other. I didn't notice but I blocked his way, I said sorry and he was all smiling and "its alright". Next, I was waiting infront of lift when he came out of the loo and saw me waiting, i smiled at him and i thought he will just continue walking but then he asked me if im waiting for someone and i said yes. i feel that he is talking to me more
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I invited him for movie, it was special tickets so had to watch it on Tuesday last week but unfortunately, he had to go business traveling on that day. He didn't mention that we can go next time, so i was thinking maybe he is not interested. When he saw me at work and when we were both alone, he asked me how was the movie, how long was it, where did i watch etc. so i just answered his questions with a cold shoulder? Lol i know but im starting to move on so yeah.. is he being polite?
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Today, with all my might, i didn't look at his eyes. We met quite a few times but i evaded tho I've been noticing him looking at me. Anyway, whatever it is, I've done my part :) its off my chest. I dont see any more development so thank you all for your inputs!
Guys, I just told the guy I like that I like him. What can you make of his reaction?
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