I found out my girlfriend is casually dating other guys, without sex?

ok so I just found out my girlfriend of six months has been seeing other guys least more than 4 or 6. I knew about this before (start of the relationship) and how she believed that dating other people was no problem. She recently admitted to me she was seeing other guys particularly on lunch dates. We often say we love each other because we do. The feelings and emotions are there. We haven't had sex until last week so I am guessing she is getting more attached to me than before. Before we even had sex, she felt it was necessary to wait until she met my parents, I met hers and we waiting around 5 months before engaging into sex. She told me earlier how sex was a big deal to her because she gets attached right afterwards and didn't want to have sex until marriage or until our relationship got really serious. Therefore we were just "dating" even though we considered each other boyfriend/girlfriend and she always told me how she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Confronted her about it. She said she has some personal pictures and it was not because she was hiding text messages or phone calls from me. Before we even started to go out, I remember she straight up asked me what I wanted either, a serious relationship or a fuc* buddy. I told her a serious relationship. During the relationship, she told me was a virgin however I found out otherwise a few months later. Basically it was a white lie on her part. She was hurt emotionally before and converted into a Hassidic jew and dated a Hassidic guy for two years where didn’t have anytime of physical connection together, not even touching (until their married). During the two years, she ended up getting engaged but the relationship failed shortly after that. she needed human affection physically. We enjoy each others' company often, particularly during the weekends sometimes during the week as we both work and go to school. After talking to her about these guys, she told me she never knew I was that serious about being a relationship with her nor she thought it would last because when I was younger I used to see her and just wanted sex from her and nothing else, even though when she was younger she told me she only does that type of stuff when she goes out with people and I rejected to go out with her. Therefore at the beginning her trust for me varied and her guard was up because she wasn’t in just for the sex nor does she want to be left. Some of her friends work in common ways by going out with more than one person and having sex with them too without any type of emotional attachment. My girlfriend however told me she can never imagine having sex with these people without gaining emotional connection and attachment therefore she just dates these other guys infrequently. I am curious if she is having sex with them or not? She told me is she not and a kiss on the cheek is as far as she goes. She told me was going to delete those guys from her phone book now that she knows I am serious about this relationship. Help!
I found out my girlfriend is casually dating other guys, without sex?
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