Why did he try to get me back and then leave me for someone else?

So devastated and would really like to hear what you think! I've been so depressed that I don't know what to do with myself. I can't get through this alone, and my friends stopped listening, so please listen. I'm worried I'll start throwing my life down the tubes over this guy.. Here goes my story...

My ex tried to get back with me 2 times since we broke up a year ago. The first time we tried to be friends while he was casually dating someone. We fell for each other, I said no when he asked me out, and then he ignored me and kept dating her.

He came crawling back 3 weeks later apologizing and asking to be with me and to let him prove to me he's changed. He said he booked a trip with her and was a complete wreck over it since he doesn't want to be with her but with me. He even texted me the whole time he was there. He begged and pleaded and cried over me for 2 months. It took a while to believe his intentions, but it finally started to feel like he really cared for me and he was just caught in a bad place. While the whole thing seemed a little sketch, the way he was acting made me believe him. We met up once and it was very obvious how much he cared for me.

Turns out, he lied about everything. They were boyfriend/girlfriend the whole time and they went on vacation together when he denied it. If I didn't stalk on facebook, I would have never found out the truth. He still denied that they were official, but they were dating. He said he tried to break up with her many times since she isn't the one, but they are still together. It ended with me badgering him with texts and calls about how I'm going to ruin his life and then he blocked my phone number, changed his facebook and blocked that and probably blocked everything else but I haven't tried. It's obvious he wants me out of his life for good when only days before he was saying he wanted to see me and prove to me what a good man he is.

I'm crushed that someone I trusted and loved more than anyone would do this to me. He truly was my best friend, and he lfet me like I was a piece of trash. I have no idea if they'll tstay together, seeing how I told her the truth many times that she has to believe some of it by now, plus they obviously have issues.

What I'm really curious about is why he would ask for me back and then run away? It wasn't just a quick question or to see if he had a chance. He begged for 2 months and put up with my insults during that time. I gave him no hope and he still stayed, until now. We only saw each other 1x, so itwasn't for sex. Thinking that he just used me hurts more than anything, but I need to hear your opinions. How could he do this? He convinced me he would never do that again... heartbroken.

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So is the consensus that he never really cared or wanted me back? I don't understand why he'd bother then... anyone have a clue?
Why did he try to get me back and then leave me for someone else?
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