Do I have a chance with him even though he's casually seeing someone else?

I was dating this guy, but ended things because he didn't know what he wanted. Now, I realized that I still like him very much and still want to be with him, despite his faults. Anyhow, I found out through mutual friends that he is seeing someone. It's not serious afaik, and apparently she is moving too fast for him - she's treating it like a long-term relationship. But he's just going to treat it as something meaningless to him (as told by mutual). I also found out that he did regret losing me, but didn't understand why I ended things. We were together for almost a year, and after I ended things, he got with her soon after, and a lot of people were surprised by that. He also met her on Tinder, so it wasn't like he knew her before. Anyhow, I contacted him recently, just to catch up. Not once did he mention the other girl he was seeing (bad or good sign?). Secondly, he hasn't initiated any texts with me (mostly bad), but responded to all of the texts I sent him. He also hasn't declined any requests to meet up, but he's kind of flakey for example, "I'm pretty busy this weekend, but I might be free blah blah" Our relationship didn't end on bad terms either. But I'm afraid he didn't take this break as serious as I did, and just found another rebound to shut his emotions away. We have plans to meet up soon, but I don't plan on bringing the other girl up at all. Also, it's weird because the girl and I have the same first name.. (like what). And if we do meet, I am going to just play it cool, not going to bring up any relationship stuff or anything serious like that.

TL;DR: Guy I dumped got a rebound girlfriend, can I steal him back?

Anyhow, I miss him, and cherish what we had, so is it possible to start over with him even though he's seeing someone else? Or should I just leave him be with this new girl?
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  • Jesus. let the girl be happy. stop meddling in people's lives... there are 4 billion guys on this planet... you've got to be a headache if the only one you want already has started something with someone else.

    • She's not happy.. she wants a commitment and he is noncommittal to her. That's the thing. He's stringing her along, and I honestly don't think it's fair of him to do that.

    • My husband’s affair was 3 years ago. He subscribed to those hookup sites, knowing he was going to cheat. He had been talking to her for months before I caught on; and when I confronted him he lied. He even took a phone call from her during our daughter’s graduation! He had to step out of the open house to talk to his mistress come to find out! I figured it all out when a friend told me about a genuine hacker whom had helped her through the kinda stuff i was going through, he helped me hack into his phone. I had found out her name, address, social media info, everything…there was no denying it, but he sure tried! He lied over and no matter what, i got the truth... all thanks to BIRDEYE. HACK@GMAIL. COM. Contact him today and be glad you did

Most Helpful Girl

  • Give it a shot! If she's a rebound they will most likely break up sooner or later!

    • Yea, I've been texting him, and he hasn't once mentioned her. He's very responsive to my messages and flirts with me even, so hard to tell exactly what he's thinking. And the other day I ran into him, and he initiated contact, it's weird for me because I know there's another girl (or maybe more since they are not exclusive). Anyways, I've been just taking things slow with him and been friendly with him just to see where things go.

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  • Hello, I’m a Disabled Veteran, I have 2 teenagers and have been married 20 years. I find out 2 days after my birthday that my wife has been cheating on me for some years, i found out with the help of a genuine hacker (BIRDEYE. HACK@GMAIL. COM). I love her with all of my heart, she has taken care of me these past 12 years I have been partially bedridden, been there for the kids, and tried to hold our house and finances together as best she can. I have been in a depressed rut for a while, when we first got married I was on fire for the Lord, we are Christians, I didn’t smoke and I never cursed. Well now I’m the opposite and for the past few days I have moved my smoking to on the porch, I have started to read my bible again and I told her I’m going to change for the better but I see it in her eyes, that she's in love with this other man she's been cheating on me with. Thank you for your time and sorry it went so long.


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  • Don't waste your time. If he's with anything girl, he obviously isn't concerned about you and even if he was, it would be very rude to just intrude on what they have. Go find someone else who knows what they want.

  • leave him with his girlfriend


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