Did I friendzone myself? What does she think of me?

So I've actually become friends with my crush and I hope Im not becoming too much of a friends...

We are talking about our summer plans and how she wants a job at a rec center and she jokes that she goes everyday to workout. I tell her I went all last summer to workout/basketball and she laughs that all she does and stays home and watch Netflix all day.

She comes up to me and ask if a shirt she is buying is cute. (We were in a group before class and I ask het what's up when she walked near me). I looked straight into her eyes and said "That's adorable" in a sarcastic teasing tone and she laughs it off. Few weeks later I pointed it out when she was wearing it and she seemed excited.

Im afraid I've become to comfortable around her and I can't help myself tease her and act goofy. I mean we've walked to class while she complained about her guy project partner being so lazy while I had 4 donuts in my hand and I kept play shoving one of em to cheer her up lol. She use to spray her perfume on me. And she tries to "insult me" but I think its just cute cause she's adorable and she still comes up to me to have fun and tries to not make it obvious (I think or its all in my head).

Problem is when I finally got her number she's only texted me first once and takes a long time to reply (hours) yet still elongates vowels, emojis haha. But I feel like Im the has to drive the convos and its awkward if I ask to hang out so I've never. I've buried myself as a friend huh ;-; help me?
Did I friendzone myself? What does she think of me?
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