When a guy teases you?

When I say tease I don't mean it in a bad way. It's just that I've been talking to this guy, I really like and stuff, he kind of give hints that he does too but I'm not sure. When we talk he's always saying that my "cluelessness" is cute and amazes him and he wants to say that before any other man does or when he talks about stuff and (he knows I don't normally understand) and I say something he classifies as being "smart" then I would say I really don't understand he'll be like well "that's more like u".

That's just few examples.Yea so I'm wondering does that like somewhat means he likes me too but just don't know how to say it?

I really need answers cause I really do like him a lot and I love it when he does tease me.

Any suggestions?

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  • I would definitely say he likes you is when he teases you, he smiles when he says it. There's a guy I work with and he's always playfully teasing me. Like I'll be standing by the pop machine since he always works on drive thru and that's where the pop machine is and he's like, "gosh, why don't you do some work?" or "is this all you do at work?". One time I went over to get something to drink and he said something and was like, "I just want to make sure you're completely relaxed", then I was getting some lemonade and was like, "I just hope you are enjoying that lemonade" and I was like, "Oh, I am". There was another time I was on the line and was making subs and I messed up one and he was like, "think you can get it right this time?" and smiled at me or I was wrapping subs and he's like, "god, you're so slow"

    So yeah, I definitely do think if they're teasing you and smiling about it, they like you. UNLESS it's in their nature to tease everyone, and then you just don't know.


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  • this guy probably knows exactly how to tell you if and if so how he likes you, he is just playing games, subtle implying that he likes you to make things more interesting and he (eventually) wants you to figure him out. guys are complicated too, it's not like we're all morons, we just like to make it difficult sometimes to make things more exciting and leave a girl "clueless" for a couple of days.

    that's how I do it and it's also really cute when a girl is rubbing her head trying to figure you out, it means she cares. if she's asking many question this can be a good hint that she is showing dedication.

    basically it can be a test if you are smart and dedicated enough. play clever but not to clever, play clueless but not stupidly clueless and show affection, LOTS of affection and occasionally mimic his actions! that's the tactic to win this one; both win in the end.

    • Awe that's cute

    • What does it mean

      if a guy picks on you but not in a bad way

      he stares at you but when you look at him he looks away

      his friends talk about me nd hw gives me a sly smile which I can't figure out what the smile means

  • He likes you. Or he's already a good friend of yours. SImple.

    • Okay I have a question and I'm new to this so I need peoples input on it.. so I've been dating my boyfriend for over 3 and a half years now and we have not done it yet.. every time I bring up that topic he gets all worked up sometimes and he wants to always switch to a different convo.. he tells me that he's not a virgin but what does this mean?! I'm so confused and I want to know if he's really a virgin, I don't wanna ask him though cause he already told me he wasn't but idk.


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  • ok I would say he likes you but don't put on being clueless when you actually know what something is as its a really sad stupid thing to do!

    i lived in a different county in ireland than dublin for a few years and a fella I liked used to slag or tease me over my accent as I have a dublin one but it was his way of flirting! yep weird I know lol

    • Thxs lotsss....but I'm not pretending to be clueless I really don't understand what he's saying majority of the time. I try to get what he's saying it gets kinda difficult so I end up having to ask him what he means.

    • Yeah I'm just saying if you do understand something don't pretend you don't as my friends used to act stupid because guys thought it was cute the 1st few times then they kept acting stupid and then they thought omg dumb bitches lol..!! but yeah he defo likes you I think!

  • I got teased a similar way, but he never has complimented me.. well I guess he has, but all he says is "Oh... you finally learned the difference between your "your" and "you're".. Congratz.

    anyways... I think that he probably has a thing for you.

    If he wants to say things before other guys get a chance to then well... go for him.

    My suggestion is to get to know him to the point where you can read through him like a book.



  • i want to know what it means when a guy always picks you as their partner in class during group work, always teases you, stares at you a lot, and tends to visit your ~bubble~ whenever he's near you. o_o cause I know a guy who does those things a lot. (I don't exactly look back when he's staring at me, I try to see how long he can watch me just sit there. so I check through my peripheral vision, which I guess he thinks I don't have out of that eye because my hair lays there. lmao.)