Guys bully me?

There is this group of about 4 guys that bully me constantly! Verbally and physically. They don't try and beat me up but they do things that would obviously cause me physical harm like slamming my locker door into my repetitively will I'm getting my books, purposely bumping into me, and if I try to push past them they push me back HARD. One time on of them was getting in my face and he was wearing a mask so I pushed him back and I'm short and he was leaning down so I pushed on the mask and he pushed me and kicked me, and it really did hurt, I was holding back tears. They constantly call me names, pretty much everyday, and make ugly and racist comments. Then they will play games like who's hotter or who would you rather f*ck and they make it their goal to always use my name and for me to always lose while I can hear them and they always make fun of my acne and my big "jew" nose. They even talk about me like that when I'm not there. Any time I try to stand up for myself they say I'm overreacting and it just gets worse. It got to the point where I dreaded going to school and I got really depressed. I stopped talking to people and I started cutting myself and when one of the guys found out I cut myself instead of trying to help he'd always threaten to tell the gossip of the school. When one of the other guys was around he grabbed my wrist tightly and showed it to him and they both started grabbing at my arms yelling "look at her emo cuts, she's emo!" I am kinda friends with 2 of them but they still treat me like this and anytime I bring it to their attention they say they don't bully me and that I'm immature. I'm really fed up with it, and I don't want to spend the rest of my high school years like this. All the girls like me and guys other places always hit on me and love me. I don't know why it's like this at school.
Guys bully me?
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