This hot girl made me feel embarrassed for asking her out?

You know how they say that if you don't try, you'll never know? Well, in my case, I wish I never knew.

There was this very hot girl in my class that I talked to in my class. This was a big leap for me because I'm quiet and very average looking. But I made her laugh and she was receptive to me so one day I asked her for coffee. I got a yes from her.

That went alright. But it was enough for me to ask her on a real date, which we went on, and I thought it was alright as well. A few weeks later, when school ended, I asked her for another and I got turned down by her. According to her, she had a conflict that day, so, my naive self assumed that if I asked her a couple weeks later, then she'll be free. of course not. She said no again and in the three weeks since has never contacted me again (though we used to text every so often).

I recently checked her Facebook page and boy do I feel embarrassed. To me, she was really soft-spoken and quite reserved, but on her Facebook page, she has all these pictures with her and her friends, including pictures with her and other guys, with whom she has affectionate nicknames for. And from her comments, she's opened up to all of them and seems far looser.

I feel embarrassed and like a fool for ever thinking that she would want to be with me. She's popular and sociable and pretty and I was an idiot for deluding myself to think there was a chance. It's like it all fell down on me at once. I don't have many friends so I didn't realize that if you have a lot of friends (especially of both sexes), you don't really care about an outsider (like me). She really doesn't care if she doesn't hear from me again.

I consider myself an idiot for thinking about her for the months during school and the weeks after school ended. Giving thought to a girl who doesn't give a crap about me.

I guess, the purpose of this question is... is it possible to feel embarrassed that you tried to ask someone out? Because I really do feel embarrassed now. It's like I felt more than was really there and that our relationship in actuality wasn't anything. And then I think "how can that be?" I thought about her and it's pretty clear she didn't think about me and that makes me angry at myself.
This hot girl made me feel embarrassed for asking her out?
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