Girls, Do you get so nervous around the guy you like that you...

Does the thought of being in the same room and talking to your crush or the guy you like make you act completely hysterical? Do you do things you don't mean to do?.say things you don't mean to say? Have you ever pretended to like some other guy just so the guy you really like doesn't find out you like him back?

There's this younger girl who is driving me crazy. I can tell she really likes me just by how crazy and nervous she acts around me. Anytime I'm near, she blushes, twirls her hair like crazy, nervously giggles, tries not to smile, talks about me a lot with her friends and gives me real quick looks then looks down. I even heard from some girl who knows her, that she has a big crush on me. She's really sweet, nice, shy and really beautiful. She's not exactly a "popular girl" in her grade, which is what I like. I on the other hand, was sort of "one of the guys" I guess, (played sports, partied, got attention from girls, and all that stuff that really amounts to nothing after high school haha.) The first time I ever talked to her in person, she looked like she was going to have a heart attack hah.

Anywho, the problem is she seems I guess too afraid of me? Is that normal? Everytime I ask her out she says yes, and is excited and tells all her friends about it, but then gets weird and does something to push me away. Conveniently she always says "she likes someone else" to some kid I know who knows her whenever I seem to get a little closer to her. I've only asked a couple times, because I'm aware she's shy and needs her space.

Anyways, so I sort of gave up on her since "she liked someone else", and months later I started talking to this other girl. Once she found that out (while she claimed to like this other kid) she got really upset apparently, and jealous. So she asks my friend if I still like her, and that "she really wants to get to know me" So I wait a while, and decide to give her another shot. same result though. said she yes, but then pulled the "I'm busy, and wasn't going to be around" (even though I know for a fact she was around) Then I find out she's hanging out with some other kid (who's a complete joke. If I can be candid). I keep thinking she's going to come around and open up to me, but I'm not sure if she ever will. Why does she keep running away from me? Should I even bother trying anymore?

Girls, have you ever experienced liking a guy so much that (ironically) you'd rather be anywhere else than with him, because you're scared? Or you'd rather be with a guy you don't have feelings for, because it's easier on you? She really breaks my heart.

Girls, Do you get so nervous around the guy you like that you...
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