Why does the girl I like ignore me?

There is this girl I like since last year but I still haven't got the guts ask her out because I'm just scared of rejection. Last year(junior year) she was in a couple of my classes and she used to talk to me often and I knew that every time I looked away she used to get a glimpse of me. But this year(senior year) she is again in a couple of my classes and since the year started we barely talk to each other, when I talk to her friends and she is right there it's as if she doesn't know I'm there or something and when we are walking in the hall I know she can see me but she acts like she doesn't. I REALLY want to ask her out this year but I'm still afraid she'll say no.. The only time we ever talk is when I talk to her first about homework or school related stuff?... SO I need to know why is she ignoring me, does it mean she doesn't like me?

ALL this is driving me CRAZY!

I overheard her saying to her friend that she has a crush on someother guy, but I'm not sure It was true or not. the guy she like(I think) already has a Girlfriend. The girl I like and him talk a lot and now I find it harder to talk to her..


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  • My side of the story: I'm a girl and my crush is this guy I like since the beginning of the year. I have a REALLY REALLY STRONG crush on him, and my mind is always on him! I'm really shy around him, and I can never look directly in front of his face because it makes my heart melt to see him. so I always have a few conversations with him as a friend and act uninterested in him...well, maybe too uninterested. I don't know if he has a crush on me back or not, but if he does, he probably feels the same way you feel! so...if you were my crush, I would be super happy/glad that you would ask me out because I have no idea on how to act in front of my crush, and if he breaks the ice, I WOULD BE RELIEVED.

    think of your girl crush as me, and think about the way I feel.

    she probably feels the same way as me.

    and MY crush would probably feel the same way as you, IF he has a crush on me.

    ask her out, there's nothing wrong with asking!

    even f you get rejected, it would be worth a shot than never finding out.

    hope I helped you! and you helped me too :)

    • But this girl I like ignores me and I'm always the one to start a conversation. And every time I try to talk to her, her friends are always there so I don't know what to do there..?

      And you said you act uninterested in him, so how do you let him know that you like him or something?

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    • Yes, tell your close friend who is a friend of yours about your feelings. That way, he/she can help you out; like how my friend is still helping me :)

      And of course, talk to her more often! A casual smile/hi in the hallways when you see her would be nice.

      Dont be shy! Get to know her more! :)

    • *sorry I meant to say "tell your close friend who is a friend of HER about your feelings"!

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  • First, I would advice you to start talking to her more if you can. You increase your chance of rejection if you come out of the blue asking her out, it might freak her out. If it's school related stuff, that's still fine, as long as you consistently talk to her and she's comfortable with it( Doesn't have to be EVERYDAY, but just often). When you feel like you two can easily talk to each other, go ahead and try asking her out. Don't be afraid of rejection, that's just life. Hope that helped.

  • You say she cought glimpses of you. She may have liked you last year, and is a little angry that you never asked her out. Maybe that's why she ignores you?

  • That anonymous girl must really be crushing hard... tell him how you feel, if you can't do it in person write a note leave it on his desk or whatever, that way you told him and you can be out of the vicinity

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