Why does he constantly tease me and pick on me? He likes me or he views me only as a good friend?

A guy friend of mine often calls me 'ugly', 'fat', 'idiot','stupid' in a joking way but I'm really skinny and not bad-looking...He always mocks me. Every time he sees me, he just winds me up! Once when I was cooking in our friend's house, he threw stuff at me...he threw balloon,aubergine and lemon at me! When we were having our lunch, his friend said,"oh,my tutor is so stupid! He...blah blah blah". Then my guy friend said,"yes,he's as stupid as xxx (my name)!"

One day a group of our friends had a buffet in a restaurant. When all of us left our seats and got some food, 2 of our friends (girls) saw sushi and they were excited by saying "oh!sushi!" I also said,"sushi!" Then,my guy friend just told me,"xxx(my name),be quiet.Control yourself"

Come on!I'm not the only person who said "sushi!" I continued getting food but wherever I went, he just kept standing in my way and he didn't let me get past! When I was getting some food and did it rather quickly (because I was very hungry),my guy friend told me,"xxx(my name),slower,slower,please! Slow down...don't rush"...OMG!It's none of his business!He' just so nosy!

Sometimes we talked to each other on skype and he always asked me to turn on the webcam because he wanted to see my stupid face! Every time he sees me on webcam,he just starts the conversation by giving comments on my hair and my glasses. 1 month ago,we were talking on skype again. He asked me to turn on the webcam again. Then he said,"oh,your hair becomes thinner,but why does your glasses become thicker?haha! And your 2 front teeth have become bigger! haha! Rabbit teeth!" He just kept laughing at my glasses and my front teeth! Then, he put his webcam in front of the screen of his laptop. He said,"hey,xxx(my name)...look at this, look at this...this is your face. This is your face. Can you see it, xxx?Can you see it?" Then, I said,"That's enough! I don't want to see my face which is shown in your laptop." He laughed and said,"of course. Not just you, nobody wants to see your face! hahha" I said,"then why did you ask me to turn on the webcam?!" He still kept laughing at me.

One day,our group of friends were waiting for the bus at the bus stop. He suddenly called my name,"xxx (my name)" I looked at him and said,"what?" He said,"idiot!"

OMG! What the *uck is he doing?!

Once we were sitting in the university library and using computers. He browsed my profile page on facebook. Then he "print screen" my profile page and set it as a background picture on the desktop! OMG! It is the computer in the library! I wanted to grab the keyboard and the mouse and tried to change the background picture but he stopped me from doing this!

Well...I mean...he didn't do these things to me in a very serious or mean way. He did these things playfully.

He's 19 but he still acts like a kid! He told me that he loved winding me up because it's funny.

I just want to know why he always teases me. Does he like me or view me only as his good friend?


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  • hey..he just enjoys it to mock u. I do to it with my friends and I think it makes your relationship good and funny. But still everything should be in a limit otherwise oneday you are gonna burst at him. Well I can just ask you to be calm because if someday u'd lose that guy friend then you are gonna miss his all naughtyness. Yeah..he probably likes you (cant say how much). Actually someone can only mock you if you let them. Don't show them if it affects you at all. then he won't do that. Everybody want results..here it's your reactions.

    Well...enjoy your time and take care...have fun


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  • He's one of the guys who are sh*tty with women and think being an asshole is what they should do. He probably read The Game and thinks he now needs to constantly abuse you... Seems like it's working but lol it's hardly neccessary...

    He either thinks your a loser or thinks that he has to be an asshole to make you want him.

  • if he keeps calling you "fat idiot stupid" in a joking way, he likes you.

    i do it to people all the time...its usually because I like them lol

    its a way of flirting. it makes things interesting. because girls hear compliments all the time and they get bored of that. its funny if there's a change and they hear they are fat when they are OBVIIOUSLY not fat lol

  • Probably, it seems that way. Just ask him. :-]


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  • He sounds like a jerk, why are you friends with him?

  • he so likes you and YOU know it.

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