Why do girls cancel the first date/hang out?

Just wondering why girls cancel the first date, they wait until the day that the plans were set and cancel it last minute. I found that the most common excuse is related to hanging out with her friends instead.

"My friends just came to town, sorry but I can't go tonight :("

"I just made plans to have dinner with my friend, sorry :("

"My girlfriends are in town and we are all going to go out tonight :/ I'm sorry.

I made plans to hang out with two different girls on Friday and Saturday. Just like always the girls both cancel and apologize to me with a poor excuse. This has happened on numerous occasions and I have never met a girl that didn't cancel.

I feel like most girls play games, I am starting to wonder if there is a handbook that all girls read that tells them how to play games and be annoying. For example, Rule 1: Always cancel the first date and make up an excuse. Rule 2: Apologize...

I feel like girls always apologize. if I earned a dollar for every girl that said "sorry" in a sentence I would be f***ing RICH! If I received a dollar for every guy that said "sorry" in a sentence I would need to be on welfare. Girls abuse that word way too much.

Why do girls cancel the first date/hang out?
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