Why do I feel so gross and weird after I stayed with my ex when she lied about her age?

I’m going to make this post short because I don’t like talking about it. We also aren’t dating now, I although looking back I do regret it a bit, I still did have a lot of fun memories and such

I ended up matching with this girl on tinder 3 years ago, I guess where I’m from a lot of girls use tinder when their 16 and just lie on the app, I guess that should give you an idea of where I’m from and shit. ( disclosure I’m 21 and she’s 18 years old now which isn’t a big deal)

Anyways 3 years ago we match and hit it off, she's 16 and I’m 18 which I didn’t think was a big deal, not a lot of people cared. We hang out and I lose my virginity to her and all is cool and shit.

I think about 1-2 months in she tells me she’s 15 and she feels horrible and I’m scared because I’m like wtf we had sex that’s bad and not okay, fortunately enough for me 15 and 18 is legal where I’m from and a lot of people also did shit like that, I remember when I was in freshman year of highschool this one grade 9 got with a lot of 11th and 12th grades just as an example. And my parents and her parents just didn’t care so it was like okay and a lot of people she knew also did that. So not saying it was perfectly fine it was just like a lot of people are doing it, I’m fine.

Even thought it’s been years, I guess now I’m freaking out knowing she was actually 14 (because she lied) when we first started talking which makes me feel gross, and then realizing she had just turned 15 and I still dating her on and off, like I said before I wasn’t aware and I do feel very weird.

I’ll say that where I’m from 14-15 year olds can date someone who is 5 years and younger, I just feel uncomfortable about the whole situation and it’s just dawning on me and I wish I could take it back

I’m afraid of how people will see me and get cancelled I guess, I’m looking for some kind voices so please don’t roast me for my mistake
Why do I feel so gross and weird after I stayed with my ex when she lied about her age?
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