I have a class crush, what should I do?

There is a gorgeous girl in my kickboxing class that started a week ago. I have only had two interactions with her:
1. At the end of class, teacher told us to compliment someone so I chose her and one other girl to say good job to (the other girl was not attractive).

2. I asked her name at the end of the next class, and said I liked her tattoo on her back (partially covered). She showed me a pic of the full thing on her phone and we talked a short time (5 min).

Class (#4) is tomorrow. I want to greet her by name with a big smile, but mostly ignore her and focus on the workout. Maybe if I catch her eye once or twice and smile it will be okay, but I don't want to bug her or creep her out. I'm crushing on her hard, and it drives me crazy I'm only getting a chance to interact with her twice a week for about an hour. I really want to ask her but I also don't want to move too fast. I could also message her randomly from our online school portal as students have access to each other to make groups or message. After class, what do you think I should do?
Slide into her DM in the online class community
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Ask her if she wants to get coffee/smoothie after class
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Ask for her number, then text her later
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Ask for her number, then call her later
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Wait another couple weeks and keep flirting to build tension
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I have a class crush, what should I do?
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