I have a thing for my plumber, but did he flirt back with me?

I have this a crush on the plumber that services my apartment complex. He's fixed drainage issues for my unit a few times in the past and every time we see each other, we always smile and make small talk for a little. He always stops what he's doing to talk with me for a little bit. Like for example, if he's getting something out of his truck, he'll never see me and just grab the item and keep walking. He'll usually pause what he's doing and take in all the attention I give him.

Maybe you guys can tell me if he was flirting back or if it's in my head because I'm hopeful--The other day, he was working outside, and I was trying to be cute by offering him a bottle of beer cause it was hot out. He turned it down because he wanted to stay professional on the clock.

Right as I was about to walk away, I then replied with "You know, it's okay to be bad sometimes..." with a smile on my face. He said something back & I can't remember what he said but all I remember was that it made me feel like I can continue flirting, so I said "Oh then maybe I'll have to break something in my plumbing soon." and he said "You should... You should."

Was he flirting back or am I overthinking?
I have a thing for my plumber, but did he flirt back with me?
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