Gave my number to a waiter....?

So I went to dinner with friends, and the waiter was really hot, and kept staring and smiling at me. Occasionally, we would ask him questions and he would stay and talk for a while and each time he looked at me he would stare for a bit and smile. My friends convinced me to give him my number, because they said that they though that he was interested in me. However, I thought that he was just being nice. But I gave him my number anyway, and he appeared happy about it.

He sent me a text 3 days later with a hi, how are you, and I answered the same day; that was 5 days ago. So do you think he was just being nice or could he be somewhat interested? I have no idea! And why did he text instead of calling?

Rough version of my text: Hi (his name). I'm good, how are you? Hope you're not working too hard? It's nice to hear from you, hope to hear from you soon.

Could this text be the reason why I've heard nothing!? What the heck was I suppose to text!?
Why are guys saying that I should text him again? If he's interested he doesn't need me to text him again. The thought of that makes me sound pathetic. I'm so confused!


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  • He's interested otherwise he would have never text. A guy would text a girl that gave him her number just so they could build something platonic.

    He could be shy and / or not very aggressive. It took 3 days to text you. The delay because he doesn't want to seem pushy or perhaps desperate, he text 'cause it's safer than a call.

    You text him back but fail to mention what you said. Did you just reply by answering his question? If he is shy or not very aggressive, a reply that doesn't give him an obvious opening is a reply that will go unanswered.

    Shy people are tough to chase. You gave him your number and you replied back. Your interest is obvious and he's interested. You just have to do the work here. Welcome to the guys side of dating.

    With all that said, conversely, he could have girlfriend and the sparks between the 2 of you just weren't enough to distract from that relationship.

    So chase harder or let it go.

    • I know it's possible that he could be in a relationship, but texting to start a platonic thing?! I don't like the sound of that.

      I was under the impression that men do not enjoy being chased. It makes the girl look desperate. And how would I chase without looking desperate?

      I think that I should just stick to the rules, and if I don't hear from him soon I'm just going to write him off as one that just wasn't interested.

      And I hardly believe that a guy this good looking is shy!

    • I did not type this correctly: A guy would text a girl. . . It should have said: A guy would not text a girl. . .

      Every man is different. And nearly everyone likes to be chased to some extent. Chase to much you're either desperate or pushy, don't push enough and it "shows" you're not interested.

      If you like this guy, chase him. If he is the type of guy that will like you, he'll be responsive. If not, he won't. If it's not your style to chase, then don't be something you aren't and let it go.

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  • He might've just wanted to start out slow and easy with texts. It is strange that it's been five days since he last texted, I'd wait a 3-4 more days before texting again. It is possible though he changed his mind, only time will tell.

    • Slow and easy is fine, I get that.

      I think that if it gets to a week and a half he's done. Why would I text after that long? No one is that great, the clock is already ticking on this guy.

  • Bet he is just scared. Its the fear of the unknown

    • Your a grown woman, just text him what you want. "Hey, I was wondering if we could catch up after you got out of work sometime this week." Be bold, what's the most that happens, he text back, "sorry I am taken" or if you don't hear back, he is not interested.

  • i think he is playing hard to get and wants you to chase him to a point.

  • Sorry but for me personally, beating around the bush, I suck at subtle hints. I am very simple and hinting for me, I just end up not seeing it. I need direction. GUIDE ME. so, sorry but nothing confusing about him. You gave your number, but just ask, cause I wouldn't really know until I was asked.


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  • You should stop by and have dinner in that restaurant again. See how he's doing while looking inconspicuous. He texted you because talking can be very awkward, especially if you don't know him well. He did give you his number, and guys like confidence, so send him a text message.