Girl still salutes me after she rejected me?

The girl seemed kinda interested in me (like she hugged me once for doing her a favor, she kept trying to get my attention by randomly calling me with the nickname she gave me (in a high-pitched voice), she did light-touches on my arm after we accidentally "bumped" into each other, etc.) but I never really thought that it would work out anyway, so I didn't ask her out or text her.

I was never reaching out to her, she always was. Like, I never really tried to get her attention, etc.

So I added her on social medias (cause why not? We talked quite a few times at work and she's been acting kind and flirty with me). She didn't decline my friend request, but she also didn't accept it. It's still pending. Oh and also we never talk on social medias.

I've seen her again recently (it's been the first time in a while). I felt like she didn't seem as happy to see me as she used to be. When I arrived in the employees room, pretty much everyone saluted me (including her). She didn't seem much excited though. When our shift started, I went to wash my hands and as she walked near me, she said "hi (nickname)" (actually I'm not sure if she said hi again or if she just randomly said my nickname like she used to, whatever, it doesn't really matter). Her mood seemed down or something. She still didn't seem much excited.

Now, here's the thing... I'm not expecting anything. If she was really interested in me, she would have accepted my friend request. I just don't get why she used to be kinda "flirty" with me (maybe she's just naturally like that). But still, IF the reason she didn't accept my friend request is because she thinks I have a crush on her, then why did she not ignore me completely at work? Why did she even call me by the nickname she gave me? She could have just called me by my name, like most people do? If I was mad or if I would no longer want to be "friend" with someone, I'd not call him by his nickname.
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If I were her, I'd have simply ignored the person (so that he wouldn't have false hopes). Why didn't she do so? Again, I'm not expecting anything from her, I'm just wondering why she acted like that recently?
Girl still salutes me after she rejected me?
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