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Girls, would hip bumping be considered flirting?

  • Sorry for the dumb question it's just that I just got out of high school after 5 years of being ugly and depressed and I've only just matured (and got cuter) and started grabbing life by the balls. There's this girl who I consider to be kinda out of my league (but it might be leftover low self esteem from my depression I don't know) and we were at a house party and while we were smoking togheter on the balcony while leaning on the rail, she told me to move further to the right first my hitting my arm then by hitting my side with her hip (that kinda turned me on ngl she got some legs xD) I responded by doing the same and almost making her fall over and she laughed. There's a number of other times she touched me and maybe (?) tried to give me signals (the usual hair playing, eye contact, all the things I've noticed girls do while talking to someone they are attracted to) but I don't know. She actually rejected me after I asked her out, after the first time we met. Then we hanged out with the same groups again and she re-initiated the convo on insta to my surprise. My best female friend is saying I should ask her out again.
Girls, would hip bumping be considered flirting?
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