For Shy Girls, How do I Approach a Guy in College?

So I'm a junior in college. I'm a pretty socially awkward 5'4' girl, with brown skin, big eyes and afro hair. I'm very much into fashion. I have an eclectic style and I get compliments all the time, so I get notice pretty often. I know my description doesn't matter, but everyday I'm on campus, I see this cute guy in the computer lab for a few hours. I often wonder what his type is. Of course you never know unless you ask.

He's around 6 feet tall, has olive skin and long dark hair that he keeps in a bun. He keeps to himself, mostly because he's doing schoolwork. But a few times, we passed by each other. We haven't interacted with each other. I doubt he knows my existence. I've only admired him from a distance. I really want to approach him, but as a shy girl, I don't know how to or what's the best way to.

Should I be direct and just walk up to him and say "hello", tell him I've seen him around, give him a compliment and tell him I think that he's cute or should I not? Does anyone have any advice for girls like me?
For Shy Girls, How do I Approach a Guy in College?
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