Is it friendship or more?

Hi, I am getting super suspicious of my guy friend's intentions as he is starting to change his behaviour.
1. He says he wants to get closer to me and get to know me better when I jokingly said it might not be a good thing he insisted that it may be good and so from now on we are closer to each other.
2. His friends are a couple so our hang outs are mostly either us 4 or just the 2 of us which makes it somehow look like a date. And they tend to leave us alone occasionally.
3. He is constantly asking me to hang out even though we have hung out the day before (he said he really enjoyed it and wants to do it again over message)
4. He is kinda (not really sure about this one) acting protective of me. Like telling me to message him when I get home, helping me pass dogs (I am afraid of dogs), buying me beverage and other stuff.
5. Calling each other bro is normal here among both guys and girls but when I did that he told me to not call him that cause it seems distant to him
6. His friend asked me how old I am and how old is the marriage date in my country (I am a foreigner in their country) and then his friend told how he had proposed to his girlfriend (she was there) and they would get married after graduation. (Marriage age is young in their country)
7. He doesn't seem to want my friends around. I have 2 close girl pals and whenever they are around he either acts distant or finishes the convo quickly in comparison to when we are together that our convo just goes on
8. He sent me an emoji of flower and said it looks like me and tends to compliment me on my endeavours
Am I reading too much into it or does he actually like me? I don't want anything more than a friendship with him how should I act to not lead him on if he actually does like me?
P. S. He is about 25 and I am 23 which makes us few years older than most of our classmates at uni who are 21
Is it friendship or more?
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