How long does it takes you girls to stop liking a guy?

Say you liked a guy but thought he wasn't interested in you so you kinda put the idea out of your head, but you text this guy everyday pretty much and see him once a week or once every 2 weeks, would you just get over him and forget your feelings for him within a few months ?
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I told this girl I like, that I liked her, she said she did like me like that but because nothing seemed to happen and I was busy a lot she thought I wasn't interested and kinda put it out of her head, and that she hadn't even thought me of me like that since then, she said she didn't know and if I thought we couldn't be friends it was upto me.

So I sent one last text just saying if she didn't like me like that anymore and nothing would ever happen between us to just say now and I'd move on
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and that I needed to know now so I was waiting forever for something that was never going to happen, but she never replied, so I'm curious if she could just so easily stop likieng me. We text everyday, she would come to see me at work somtimes. Saturday gone we met up, went to the movies and then went to the local park and sat and talked for 3 and hlaf hours almost none stop, laughed alot, her mainly at what I was saying, hardlies any silence. Signs seemed good, could she be over it that quick ?
+1 y
Finally told me and put the final nail in the coffin -

''I used to like you, but realized that I liked you more as a friend and don't want to jeopardize that''

Friend zone ? No thanks.
How long does it takes you girls to stop liking a guy?
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