Yet another female friend giving me mixed signals.

So I have yet another female friend giving me mixed signals. I find her physically attractive, but there are aspects of her personality that are a big turn off and have saved me from developing a huge crush on her. Thanks to that I have a much more objective view of our "relationship" than I have had with any of my other female friends, and I am now asking this question out of sheer curiousity and not tinged with secret hope.

Anyway here's the deal. I met her 20 years ago when she was dating my best friend. We were never really close, and saw each other only about 3 times from the time we met until about 2 years ago when she found me on Facebook. Since then we've become very close friends. She describes me as her best friend, and like her brother, and I have told her I am like her "gay bff.".. (I know when I'm in the friendzone haha!). I mean it seems pretty clear that she is not interested in me romanticly, and apart from the fact that she is hot, I am not interested in her in that way either.

BUT: She does things that make me think she is not being honest. I started noticing it right away, but thought it was in my head until recently when other people have been commenting on her behavior . She is very flirtatious when communicating "in public" on Facebook (as well as in private) but when people point this out she gets very defensive and insists we are just friends and that she would never go out with me, and then lists all the reasons why; especially stressing that I am like her brother and that it would be gross.

Now, I'm OK with that, and I find it all kind of amusing, but sometimes I think its a bit over the top... like the quote from shakespeare, above. Especially since in private we have very frank and graphic discussions about sex, turn ons and turn offs, etc and lately she has taken to walking around me in her underwear and/or topless. What the hell is going on in this girls head?

Oh yeah she also took to saying "I love you" and calling me sweetie, honey and babe about a year ago, but I have experienced that in the friendzone before so its not unusual for me... mostly what is confusing me is her apparent need for my appreciation of her sexuality and her vehement denial of any sort of attraction towrds me.

last but not least, I'm really not sure what I would do if it meant she IS interested in me, because as I said there are aspects of her personaility that I would find VERY undesirable in a romantic partner. so please let me know what you all think of this situation... is this girl crazy or what?
Yet another female friend giving me mixed signals.
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