Been talking to a dude for over a month and he asked for nxdes,, is this normal for guys?

i met this guy on hinge and we’ve been talking for over a month now. unfortunately he’s in michigan for school but he comes to cali often cuz his family is here. i haven’t met him irl yet but he’ll be here in a couple of weeks.

i like him quite a lot even tho it’s only been a month of ft and texts and snap. a couple days ago we were talking about random stuff like does pineapple belong on pizza and milk or cereal first— yk silly stuff. then he goes “can i ask you a nsfw question? can you send nxdes?”

tbh im not comfortable with that kind of stuff cuz i have a fear of it being leaked or something. up until now he’s given me some mixed signals but on that day, he straight up said something along the lines of “i like you a lot more than you probably think”

he's usually very sarcastic and the playful bully type but he said this so seriously i was taken aback. is he doing all of this just for pics? would a guy talk to someone for over a month just to ask for nxdes? i can’t help but think he says this stuff to every other chick

but i also keep thinking if that’s what he wanted wouldn’t he have said it earlier? and if i said no he could just move on to another girl who’s actually willing

he's never hinted to anything like this before. and also he was pretty drunk when he was saying all of this to me. he’s told me in the past to ignore the weird stuff he says when he’s drunk

after i told him no he was very respectful about it. he said that was chill with him and that he wouldn’t force me to do something i’m uncomfortable with

I don't know what to think tbh,, i have no love life and i’ve never been in a relationship… is this normal for guys to ask? is he a keeper? or at i getting ahead of myself

Been talking to a dude for over a month and he asked for nxdes,, is this normal for guys?
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