Why do guys lead me on then just stop? Am I doing something wrong?

I am so frustrated! I have never had a boyfriend, but attractive guys flirt with me once or twice, then just stop. These guys aren't flirts either. A little while ago this really hot guy went out of his way and started flirting with me. We got along and my friends were green with envy. I waited a couple classes then started flirting with him and he didn't respond. Recently this other guy kept giving me looks in class and smiling at me. I started smiling back, but couple days later he just stopped. He won't even looks in my direction, and when he sees me looking at him he just looks away. That kind of thing happens all of the time and I just don't get it! I really want a boyfriend but I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have wanted one for so long but nothing has worked. Why do they do this? What should I do?


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  • you are probobly sending off an I'm annoyed vinbe without even realizing it. shyness is almost always mistaken for you being annoyed by the guy. as soon as the guy thinks your annoyed he will stop trying. now I know you arnt thinking this but that doesn't mean you don't come off that way to guys. look at how many girls on this site want boyfriends but until I came on here it seemed women were not interested in men. they never talk about this stuff withen hearing distance of a man. so we have no idea your into us. let the guy know you like him. say I would like to do something with you john. big turn on. girls have to let guys know. if I hadnt read these posts I would have beleived women were no longer into guys.

    • I can understand that but I was flirting back. Does that change ur prespective at all?

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  • Sometimes girls flirting doesn't seem like flirting to us. If you are playing with your hair or just laughing at his jokes that ususaly is taken as grooming and politeness by guys. Say the words I would like to do something with you,then his first name. Put your hand on his shoulder this is a jesture of caring and kindness. Smile and say I would like to do something with you. Girls don't realize how big of a turnon this is. Letting a guy know you want him is prbobly the biggest turnon. Girls don't do it,girls don't know it. Hand on shoulder, smile, I would like to do something with you jack. I just taught you how to get a boyfriend. Try doing that and watch how many guys you will get. You want to know how to turn aguy on. Letting him know you like him is the biggest turn on. Not subtle little signals but letting him know. You do that 4 point turn on and you will have men. Heck I would date a girl I wasn't into if she did those 4 things.


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  • i too have never had a boyfriend , and it bothers me as well, but you are stressing about it way too much hun, if you act all desperate for a boyfriend they will not be interested but if you get on with your life do things that you enjoy, try to learn more about yourself etc, guys will automatically be drawn to you because it will appear that you don't need them - they like a chase don't do all their work for them!

    and most importanty don't listen to the guy who said to say " I want something from you" lol not exactly ladylike. hope I helped xx

    • Im not desperate and I do have fun. I just can't figure out why guys do that.

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    • Ur so nieve/ trusting everyone different there is one rule and one fact, if its not genuine from da start then he has lead you on your da victim and he has lead you on for nothing. id be more concnerd about the positon of the victim rather then the situiaton it self, devoces happen all the time, life is what you make it and it takes two to make it happen, intenret defnity isn't the way 2 go for this that's obivous. there is no law to cover this protection of the victim and it can b danagerious

    • FOr me avodiing this behavior its doubble starndard breach, you need to be more releaxed and own your life your future, that's why I always am virgin and be marired and be a mother so that way I'm alway protected for life, if he says no then ul know where you stand in your future with him and ul be protected forever, if he does it and still leads you on then blames you then your in danager and life is hard enough without this garbage. seriously don't need it.

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