How can I get the fitness instructors attention?

I have been attending boot camp all summer. I have a huge crush on one of the instructors but I'm too shy to flirt with him or show interest. He is impressed by my performance and my flexibility, and they make comments about it. After boot camp I would go and do another workout for two hours and he made comments about that too.

I didn't go to boot camp for two weeks, and one of the ladies who work at the gym told me that they missed me at boot camp. I was like "really?" and she said, well he does (she said the one I have a crush on's name). I missed boot camp anyway and I started going again. (not just because of him) I acted more confident now and I tried giving him a bit more attention but I'm too shy to actually flirt with him.

I also worry that he might have a girlfriend...But so far some signs show that he doesn't. There are only three sessions left of boot camp and I really want him to know I'm interested and I want to make an impression on him. I really want him to ask me on a date! He is giving me extra time after boot camp next session to help me with something but that's the best I could come up with... Any suggestions or advice? I would never have the guts to ask him out myself.
How can I get the fitness instructors attention?
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