Girlfriend says she is confused, doesn't know what she wants or wants to do. What does this mean?

I've been dating this girl for a little more than 4 months, she is one 30 and we had been taking things very slow from the beginning. However in the last month things started picking up and we were spending more time together. Then she all of a sudden started being more distant. Some days she would feel really warm and some days she would feel distant. The other day we were chatting over text messages and she says she's not sure what she wants. Also she does have a lot going on lately, she's moving into her new place, she's applied for a new position at work. She is very emotional about leaving her parents for the first time and I think it may be a bit overwhelming for her. I haven't messaged or talked to her the last 2 days since our little chat. Thought a little space maybe good but am just not sure. I really like her but she seems to confused or is she trying to put me down nicely?


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  • she is trying tobreak up with yo nicely, this is the same thing I did to my ex,. when I don't feel anything anymore and you don't want to hurt the person I began making up stories like I don't know what I want, I want to fulfill my ambitions alone

    • So I msg'd her today, and told her that I think we need to have a serious talk, she said that she is still confused, but thinks we should have a talk. So we agreed to get together next week and talk. Not sure what's going to happen but I'm ready for the worst, I just don't understand why she is putting it off if she knows she wants to break up. We are a bit old for this childish stuff.

    • becasue she still cares for you or she doesn't want to lookbad. even If I didn't likie my ex anymore and I wanna break up, its really very hard, especially when you have been very nice to her. But sometimes its not about the people in the relationship, its just that you're not her match and becsue she cares fr you,it will suck to see you get hurt by her, same thing I experienced,i don't wana make him sad but I had to do it, and sometimes its not very easy t o just say it

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