Do girls like a direct approach or "get to know you"?

Hey so there's this girl who I think may be interested in me. She was the one to first intiate conversation about how I did on my midterm and she seems to look at me a bit in math class cause she sits one seat over to me. It seemed like she was trying to come on to me and I tried to make small talk but I feel like I need to make a decisive move? Do girls like it when guys take a more direct approach and say something like "Hey I was wondering if I could take you out sometime" or make small talk and build up. The only problem is that I feel like small talk is hard to initiate and doesn't lead to much and I fear she may be losing some of her interest right now unless I make a move? What should I do?
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Thanks for all the ideas. The only other question I have is how do break the ice to get to know her more. It seems awkward and weird trying to make small talk so I'm trying to figure out how I can tell if she's interested or not? What do girls usually like men to talk to them about if they're trying to break the ice? Thanks
Do girls like a direct approach or "get to know you"?
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