What makes a shy girl so sarcastic?

Ok, so there's this shy girl and I kinda like her. I've noticed that when I go to talk to her and try to make her laugh she gets all sarcastic and makes fun of me. SHe usually is not like that, she is relaxed and pleasant and nice to people, she laughs at their jokes and makes them feel welcome. With me is like the complete opposite, she tells me how lame my jokes are or how annoying I am and she takes whatever I say and puts a negative twist to it and things like that (she smiles/grins and looks away when she says it) . Even a simple conversation turns into a sarcastic battle. SHe doesn't talk MUCH but with me she talks and really lets me have it (I don't mind it though). What makes a seemingly sweet and quiet girl get like this?
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Yea, I mean, I absolutely love it when she gets like that and we have fun teasing each other but its like there's never a break and when I see her so relaxed and just having a regular conversation with others, makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong or if she really wants me to "go away". Recently I've received a lot of eye contact and big smiles/grins from her, so I guess that's good. Still bugs me she can't be "nice" to me though.
What makes a shy girl so sarcastic?
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