Married woman flirting with me in the gym?

We met 2 months ago in the gym. And she's with her husband, then I noticed that she having a hard time getting the dumb bell stack in a machine so I helped her. Then the next week I saw her again then I noticed she keeps looking at me. But I act like I didnt notice it and the next day she gave me a smile then I smiled back. Then we started talking. She touches my arms. So I flirted back. I asked him about his family. I think she's unhappy with her husband. Should I flirt more or stop?
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I am a really naughty guy.. I wonder what will happen if I will take advantage of it? :D I'm just kidding... I should just make it clear to her next time that I don't have an interest on her and I jsut want to be friends? Is that OK to say to her?
Married woman flirting with me in the gym?
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