He FORGOT about our Skype date??

So I am half a world away, traveling. My guy and I chatted briefly and set up a skype date. I literally rushed home to be on time and waited and waited and waited. I left him a message an hour later saying that I'm angry and going to bed now. A few minutes later he sends me a message apologizing saying that he had a few drinks with friends and forgot! He said he came home as soon as he remembered but come on... How can you forget? Guys, is that normal? Does it mean he doesn't care or that he doesn't think about me?
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Thanks for all your comments! He's my boyfriend and I def. wouldn't have been so angry if I hadn't had to put any effort into keeping our date. And yes, it's true that our lives can't revolve around one another, but since we can't se each other for another month, I try to at least make our skype dates work and feel like he should too! But OK, he DID have some drinks with friends and it's easy to get sidetracked I guess, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Hope it won't become a habit.
He FORGOT about our Skype date??
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