So, he farted in front of me...

I liked this guy at the gym, & he obviously liked me back. When we were talking he said "excuse me for a sec" took a couple of steps back & farted.

What the hell. That is rude. You don't do that to a girl you're JUST GETTING to know. I was repulsed. The moron still flirted with me but I've lost all interest.

He seemed kinda piggish from the start anyway, but the fart affirmed it. I was physically attracted to him, but too mentally repulsed now to feel any attraction.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? Is it not normal? Guys, what's your thoughts on a man who does to a woman he's just starting to get to know?
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Oh really. How would you guys feel if a girl farted when you hardly knew her? Would it turn you on? You'd think she has no class, or maybe a few would find it funny because guys like that type of humour.
So, he farted in front of me...
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