He keeps suggesting then cancelling dates!

I met a guy 3 Saturdays ago at a local bar, he was out with his parents and I was out with my mum, as soon as he seen me at the bar, he asked for my number and asked to take me out the following Tuesday, he even took my mum over to meet his parents before taking me over to introduce me because he was trying to get my mums approval and impress me. We spent the rest of the night together, talking with his parents and he was following me around like a lost puppy telling me I was perfect and his dream girl, which is funny because he likes brunettes and I'm blond, but he said I was an exception because I was different and that he couldn't forget me. Anyway we ended up going out for a few drinks on the Tuesday, had a laugh, complimented me all night and he asked me out again for the Saturday night. Sent me a text not long after he left saying he couldn't wait for Saturday and to see me and added me to Facebook straight away. Saturday comes and I get a Facebook message saying that he had lost his phone on the Friday night and didn't want me to think he was ignoring me, incase I had been trying to get in touch with him, no mention about our plans for the evening though. I didn't say anything and just left it thinking maybe he would eventually bring it up, Tuesday comes and he sends me a casual message to see how I am, then asks if I would like to go out again sometime. I politely declined, saying I didn't think we should as we was supposed to go out Saturday and he didn't mention our plans. I thought saying that might make him step up. However it had to opposite effect. He messaged back saying he had sent me a text on the Friday to say he had a family wedding that he had forgot about and he couldn't make it but he understood and told me to take care. No apology. Obviously I didn't get this text, if it was sent or not. 4 days later I decided to message him telling him I hadn't got his text and that I'd still be up for going out again, I knew I would be wary but I enjoyed his company, so I thought it wouldn't hurt me to casually date him. A few hours later he messaged saying he'd love to go out with me again and asked what day I was free this week. I gave him the option of Tuesday or Thursday and he said Thursday as he was away on a business course Monday and Tuesday. Thursday I get a message saying he was sorry he's going to have to cancel, the course had ran over and he thought he'd be back in time, but wasn't going to be. He offered to re schedule for either Friday or Saturday. I said Friday as I had plans for Saturday and then he tells me Friday is a tricky one because a friend was coming back from traveling and he was throwing a party for him, so why suggest Friday? but did say I could go along if I wanted. I thanked him for the offer but told him it was alright. He didn't give any alternative dates after that.

It's obvious he doesn't want to go out, but why keep suggesting it to me, only to cancel and he still keeps initiating conversation.
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Why not just stop contacting me and stop making conversation.
He keeps suggesting then cancelling dates!
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