Does the hot bank teller like me?

I remember leaving the bank one day and saying to myself..."the new guy is kinda hot." one day he was goofing off with another teller he looked, I don't know, kinda happy to see me and he was on my side of the counter this time and he said something to me. I nervously didn't know what to say. His face was scratched and I said 'your face is all scratched." He said something that I don't remember and I walked out. That was when I realized I was starting to crush on the guy. When I was in the bank one day he asked me if I work weekends. I said I didn't and asked if he did. He doesn't, just sometimes "which isn't that bad." I made a little joke and left it at that. When I left I thought about it and thought it was a little on the odd side for him to ask that. I've never had a bank teller ask me if I work weekends. We work diagonally across the street from one another. On my way back from lunch I saw him walking toward where I just came from. I noticed him and got embarrassed and looked away but he looked at me at the moment I looked away and then he looked away. Maybe he wanted to say hello, or give a smile? Well I must have looked like a total bitch and after I passed him I realized it. I don't always get him, sometimes he's doing stuff around the bank by the time I take my lunch break and go in to make my deposit. So when I was waiting in line for the girl, I noticed him in the back and he looked at me and made direct eye contact with me and it lingered. I remember thinking "omg he's looking at me." The next week same thing. I didn't get him but he was around and our eyes met and it lingered. The week after that I got him and when I went up to the window he asked how I was and I replied I was good, asked him and he paused for a few seconds, looked in my eyes and finally replied he was good as well. He seemed nervous a little bit. So we made eye contact and I always flash him a bright smile so he knows I'm sweet and friendly (making up for looking away that day I guess). This week I went in and got him (!) it's a full blown crush. When I got in line I was waiting for the girl because even though he was at his window his managers were around him and it looked like he was busy doing something else. He quickly cleared his working area and waved me over. I smiled bright, he smiled back and I got to his window. He said "tgif" and I agreed. He mentioned like finally and I said "well it was a short week." He agreed and said something I didn't catch but I didn't want to ask him to repeat so I nodded and smiled. I left and went back a couple hours later with my other check and I didn't get him this time. I got the lady and he looked over and said "back again" (he noticed me) and I said ya, "I think it would kill them to give me everything all at once" even though they did give me everything all at once, I just wanted another excuse to go back in there. Is he just really nice or does he think I'm cute? It's hard to tell because his job is to be nice.
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He asked me out. We got a drink after work and met up on our lunch break a few times. He's really sweet and really cute :)
Does the hot bank teller like me?
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