Co-worker flirts with me but complains about her boyfriend.?

I work with a really attractive girl. We worked different shifts for about one year. Now she switched to cashier so I see her a couple times a week at work. One day it was slow at work so she asked me to keep her company. We started talking and I ended up talking to her for 2 hours straight before leaving work. I got her number. texted her a few days later. We flirt, occasional touching etc. One night at work I gave her a squinted look, just messing around with her. she jokingly said "are you blind?" I said "yeah, blinded by beauty :)" and she touched my face and smiled. that's just an example of the flirting. She is a little more physical with the touching than I am with her though. I tell her she looks good and she always seems insecure. We were talking and I showed her my tongue ring. She said she used to have one and the guy that she dated said he asked her out initially because he thought tongue ring = slutty. So I think she has some insecurities and doesn't want to come off as a slut.

A little background about her-- She mentioned that she didn't want to move in with her boyfriend this year but had to or she would have to move back to alaska. From what I can tell she seems unhappy with her relationship but I'm not really sure.

But the problem I have is that every time I talk to her she always complains about him. Just today she said "i was going to hang out with a group of friends last night but my boyfriend pissed me off" I said, "why? what did he do?" and she brushed it off and changed the subject. Also, the other day I texted her she asked me how work was that night. I said "not bad, I got drunk and relaxed" and she replied "haha nice that's always fun. I felt sick last night and my boyfriend had a cold so it wasn't the best night but oh well."

So the other day I asked if she wanted to grab some drinks this weekend for my birthday and hang out with my buddy and his girlfriend. She said sure. I'm kind of clueless as to why she always brings up her boyfriend though. Is it because she wants a friend to complain to? Or is she interested in hooking up with me? I don't want to be in the friend zone. Should I escalate and starting being more physical (touching and stuff) or should I ask her flat out what she wants?
Co-worker flirts with me but complains about her boyfriend.?
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