Did I misread his signals & attraction?

There's this guy at my gym who clearly went *great lengths* to get my attention for weeks. I'll call him Andrew. At first, I ignored him but he wouldn't give up. Not to be arrogant, but I am attractive and turn a lot of heads at the gym. I ignore the guys because I know they were driven by lust and wasn't interested in *me* as a person. I thought Andrew was just another one of these guys. Anyway, Andrew started 'getting into my face' by working out right in front of me and walking past me frequently trying so hard to get my attention. He always positions himself, even if it's awkward, to face me wherever he is in the gym. I caught him gazing lingeringly twice. I don't think he even realizes it because all other times he would, in a cool manner, look away if I caught him. Once he even craned his neck to keep track of me, which I thought was funny and cute. Andrew never let me out of his sight if he could help it. If he somehow lost sight of me, he would look for me. Once I looked in one direction waiting for a friend, he start looking in that direction, too, as if trying to find out if there's 'another guy' that he should worry about. Anyway, I became really attracted to him. We started exchanging glances and smiles, oblivious to everyone around us. At one time, we faced each other unexpectedly, both our faces light up instantly and involuntarily. I thought our attraction to each other was strong and unmistakeable. I decided to give him a short note giving him my e-mail address and closed it with 'hope to hear from you.' It fell onto the floor as I was handing it over, we both bent down at the same time but he was faster than me and literally snatched the note. He opened with excitement and when he looked up, his face was totally lit up. He beamed a big smile and said 'You *will* hear from me.' Okay...now, here's the thing. Days and then weeks went by. It's been FIVE weeks now and I never heard from him and he has not been to the gym since either. I tell myself that if he was really interested in me, he *would* e-mail me. He didn't. If he lost my e-mail address, he knows where to find me to ask for it or give me his. I've been trying to forget him but just couldn't. Did I misread his interest? If not, then why haven't I heard from him? I have no way of finding him or reaching him. He goes to gym alone, so I couldn't ask any of his friends. I am so perplexed and crushed by the whole thing. What do you think happened? Did I completely misunderstand him?
Did I misread his signals & attraction?
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