Why do men tease me? Is it because I am easy to provoke?

There are three guys at work whom tease me, actually four, but one of them (ill refer to him as guy four) does it very less and its usually cause I gave him a reason to (like saying something stupid). I am shy (not to much anymore since I opened up to them) and I usually keep to my corner and don't really talk to much. When they tease me I get irritated easily.

First guy: when he hands me paper from behind he holds onto it until he knows that I irritated. He lingers around me and smells me (he makes it known to me when he does that). He usually asks to hold my hand if I stand next to him for a few. With him I know he likes me but he knows I don't seem him in that light so why continue it.

Second guy: he has a girlfriend, so I don't know what the reason could be. He really takes notice of me, I don't have a fixed lunch schedule but I always go around 3, less people in the lunch room and it weird one day him and guy four wanted to go on a break, I was grabbing my lunch and walking out while guy four says why do you have to go out for lunch now.. I said I always go to lunch at this time and guy two says yes she goes around 3 daily. I.didnt think he keeps such a close eye. I was on a diet because a doctor told me to be for a week for surgery and when I was off the diet I was more happier and he picked up on that and he usually sings this song that guy four made up with my name repeated again and again (I was upset at guy four and he made it up to make me laugh) and sings it out loud (its quite catchy but he is probably the only one I heard singing it again and again).. His girlfriend works with us and recently when she leaves to go attend some program, he begins teasing me when he gets the chance with guy one or four, like I don't say hi or just very small things like that, and when she comes back, his teasing dies down and then when no one is there except for me and him, he doesn't say a word. I don't know what to think.

Guy three: also has a girlfriend, whom we work with and they both superior to me. But he teases me in different ways from asking me stupid question to picking on me, by giving me a name because there is this shirt I wore. Trying to make up stories to scare me (easily scared). He teased me about me and his friend (guy five, who we also work with) dating (we didn't actually date but were trying to play a prank on guy three, which we didn't go completely through with and told guy three the truth). And then he would tease me about guy one and that we were together because I decided to take a break and sit next to guy one cause it was only me, guy one, guy three, and guy three girlfriend. He does tease people but I feel like I am the only one to this extent. There is this other girls he tease but you know that a more of a I don't really like you tease.

During that time at work, the only other girls that are there is me, guy two and three gfs and another girl but she is lesbian (she is more of a tomboy). Guy one tells me I am easy to provoke so therefore they make fun of me
Why do men tease me? Is it because I am easy to provoke?
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