Why do women think tall men can protect them? Short men quick making excuses. You can get what a tall man gets

I am curious as 2 why women think that tall men can protect them better than short men. I am 6'2" 180lbs. I don't plan on fighting any1. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't ever fight a really short guy. I consider it to be an unfair fight. Just like I wouldn't expect a 6'5+ 230 pound guy to fight me. He'll kill me. Even more, the only way that I can really protect someone is if I had a weapon or a cell phone so that I can call the cops. LOL

But seriously, what do you all mean by protection? Do you all want me to beat a guy up? Then go to jail. And have a record. Or even worse, what if I kill someone? What is this protection thing?

I am an African American male who has never been to jail and has never even been in the back of a police car. It may not seem like much to you all. But it is a monumental task in the black community and especially my neighborhood considering all 3 of my closest friends have been to jail at least once in their lives.

Furthermore, I am studying for the GMAT as I write these things. I plan on starting a dual degree (MBA/MPA) next year. I am not saying that I am going to be super-wealthy or anything. But, I do believe that I am going to be able to provide for my wife and family if I am fortunate enough to have one. That is how I plan on protecting my family. I'll leave the shootings and the beatings up to the law enforcement agencies. And no, I am not a nerd or geek. I could "only wish" to be those things. I am normal guy. No one has ever accused me of being a 4-eyed nerd. I like business, sports, and politics. Since sports are out of d realm of possibility, I will pursue business & politics.

Now, if you all like tall men because you think they look better,I am ok with that. As I have previously stated on this website, I love taller women myself. 5'7 & up are d best. I love Victoria's Secret & Sports Illustrated models. I think they are beautiful. However, I don't completely rule out shorter women. They are just not what I prefer.

Now, for you short guys who complain about women wanting taller guys, you all need to clear your throat, grab your sack, stick your chest out, and realize you are a f**king man. I live in Atlanta, and I see short guys with models all the time. It doesn't matter if he is white or black or if the girl is white or black. I see it all. However, you may have 2 work a little harder. You may have 2b funnier, cooler, & friendlier. You may have 2 make more money. Maybe you have 2 dress better. Whatever it may be, you need 2 figure it out. But you can get women.

Most of you just want 2 sit around & make excuses & blame it on being short. Maybe your teeth are jacked up. Maybe your breath is bad. Maybe your clothing is off a little bit. Maybe you had bad hair, or you were overweight. Quit automatically jumping 2 she dislikes you because of your height. You may have a number of flaws that you can fix that don't involve height. I could wish 2be Derek Jeter, Kobe, or Prince William. It is not happening.
Why do women think tall men can protect them? Short men quick making excuses. You can get what a tall man gets
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