Cant find a quality girl. Maybe not good enough for one?

Hello. I'm a 21 year old college student who has been having girl problems or lack there off. Physically, I have good height (6 ft 3), a decent build, and do consider my at least decent looking maybe just a little weird. Iam ethnically Persian but pretty whitewashed. Maybe being a brown guy has a bit to do with my problem.

Going into my 3rd year of college and have never had a girlfriend. I've only had a couple hooks up with girls that I wasn't even too interested in the first place. It's been a while since I've even had that. Recently, I have not been approaching or talking with any girls that I haven't met before. I have a couple friends that are girls ,but they are all are in relationships. I consider my self pretty confident and sociable when I'm in the right state. I can be good listener, disher of witty comments, and a fun guy to have around. At the same time, I'm slightly introverted, neurotic, and awkward at times but this depends on my state of mind.

What I want is to find an attractive girl both in personality and body that I can cherish or at least be good lovers with. Most of my friends seem to have found their soul mate chicks ,so I've been turning into the third wheel more and more. Almost every time I go out with my friends Iam the front wheel on a trycicle. I'm getting sick of it. Everywere I look I see these girls that I'm attracted to. Usually they are with average and scrubby looking guys. The only types of girls that I keep running into or can find success with are the aggressive mega sluts, less desirable girls, and the crazy types.

The problem is that the only times I try to approach girls are usually in club/bar settings. I do not go out too often as I only have a hand full group of friends that would want to do that with me. Parties aren't an option because I'm never invited to any. Unless I had a little to drink, I usually need a wingman to fall back on and plenty of obvious signals or It won't happen. I'm not even good at understanding signals that girls give. I just get blank stares and hair touches sometimes for a moment. I usually try with 3-4 girls, fail, and just give up for the night. Since I'm afraid of rejection and a blow to the ego I back off and ignore the girls that seem like they lost their interest in me. I never chase.

Currently I'm trying to work and graduate on time with a Bio degree so I don't have all the time in the world to obsess over what I don't have. It just strange that family and friends tell me I'm good looking ,yet the girls I'm interested in don't see it that way. When I man up and approach I get rejected or just flaked upon so I don't see any point in trying anymore. Maybe I just need to not bitch and let what ever happens happen. But isn't a true man supposed to take action and be persistent even though his own luck is against him? How should I go about things?

Here are some selfies. Judge for yourself and give me your 2 cents. flickr.c o m/photos/97234423@N02/

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"A lot of the women are NSA all the way you know, if the oovernment hates Iran, they will hate all Iranians."

Lol, stop giving advice.
Cant find a quality girl. Maybe not good enough for one?
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