In dating, men work harder because they lack leverage, not because there's a double standard - Thoughts?

I'd like to see people's general thoughts on this

I was perusing through YouTube today and I stumbled on something interesting. So there are 3 links I'm going to post below. Basically in one video, you have a fairly attractive guy who shamelessly goes up to a bunch of different women and straight up asks if they want to have sex with him. Couldn't get one girl to say yes (you could tell one or two girls were kinda thinking about it, but they still said no). This person isn't some dirty-looking, ungroomed homeless guy mind you. In the 2nd + 3rd video, a fairly attractive girl goes up to a bunch of men randomly and asks if they want to have sex with her. Success rate is a lot better. The guys are generally way more open to random stranger banging.

Guy asking random girls (He's given 100 chances to get at least one definite yes)


Same girl in both videos asking random guys



The guy was given a lot of chances to at least get a couple yes's. I don't really count the times when they approached couples because social pressure prevents people from acting on impulse, but even when you take those away, the results are still pretty clear. Let's not to beat around the bush here. Both genders want sex. But I think guys want it more badly. If I were a gambling man, that is the all or nothing bet I'd take.

What this kind of tells me is something that I already knew, but some people here sometimes miss. If I have something you want, but you have nothing I want, there is only one important word for that: Leverage. It's not that girls don't want sex (they do). But they can live without it for a lot longer than guys can for one reason or another. They don't approach much because men often don't have anything that they really want, so why would they go out of their way? Sex for women just isn't as important as other things are, and in today's day and age where women can work for their own money, they don't really "need" anyone anymore.

So my rationale is that women aren't really promoting an equality double standard here. To me it's like a black store owner calling a white guy racist for bypassing his store and going to shop in the one next door. "It's not racist" the white guy replies "You just don't have anything I'm interested in buying." Same sort of thing in dating. Girls will do a little more if there is a guy they are into, but that is usually with guys they actually have known for some time. Generally though, the everyday random guy they meet at the library, or park bench has nothing they really want, so why approach? It's not sexist. They just don't want you. Guys though tend to be a lot more open to hooking up with randoms, because we simply have something we want more than girls usually do
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Just to clarify, when I say guys don't have anything they really want, what I mean is that girls don't tend to see random guys and see something they really want right there and then. Since sex is more of an emotional thing for girls, they often don't look at a random guy and really want him immediately. Guys tend not to treat sex as such an emotional thing (some do obviously), but when a guy sees an attractive girl, he's a lot more open to starting something from nothing, even if its just for sex
In dating, men work harder because they lack leverage, not because there's a double standard - Thoughts?
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