Why won't girls even give me a chance?

So yeah, I invited a girl at church to go eat with me, she was the one I was sitting next to in church. When I invited her she took me outside and told me that she only wants to be friends with me and she was asking if I thought she was making a move on me. I told her no, I just wanted to make a move on her and get a chance to know her. I really should have known that she was probably just being nice when she first asked me to sit with her the first time anyways. I mean, I do have a tendency stay outside of the church when the worship is going on, or just inside when it's colder, so I guess it comes off as being depressed or something to other people when I really just don't like how loud it is in there when worship is going. Well actually the sound level would be fine if it was more of a style of music I liked.(Metal/Opera/Opera Metal worship if it even exists).

Really I don't even know what I should do now. I mean right now I just trying to get to know girls right to if there's one compable for me. Though right now, I really don't have a chance with anyone right now. And with my personality, I'm not really the type of person that can go around and get to know people easily. Since I'm the quiet and shy type, and I usually have to feel somewhat safe around them before I'll open up to someone. Anyways, I'm not really sure what I should do to move forward and keep on looking. I mean my Thursday night church, is really the only time that girls my age. Wednesday night is pretty dead, and I'm always working on Sunday morning so I can't go then...

Still I can't even figure out why girl won't even give me a chance...

But yeah, maybe some more info would help...

I'm 25 years old, I'm a virgin(Though I am also waiting till I'm married for sex).I've never had a girlfriend. I've never even been kissed by a girl. I'm not even sure if girls really notice me as a guy that they'd want. So yeah, I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I'm about 5-7" feet tall. I have dirty blond short to medium hair(Though I would like grow my hair back down to my shoulders again), no disfiguring scars or anything like that. I'm at a normal weight. around 135 pounds.

I'm a Christian, I have relationship based faith in God and not one based on rules.

I'm in school going for computer science(programming). I eventually want to make video games. I tend to play video games, watch anime, play Magic: The Gathering and listen to music(Mostly different types of metal). So basically what you'd expect as a typical geek.

Personality wise, I'm nice, loyal, sincere, trusting, honest, smart. I'm pretty shy until I start to feel combatable around the people I'm around. Even then I still like to stay in smaller groups without too much noise. I do have some confidence. Though I also tend to get lonely a lot right now. But then again, I'm also the type of guy that only needs a few friends to be happy.

I'm a mix of a ISFP and ISFJ with the ISFP being more dominate.
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Well, if I'm around other people that I'd want to be around, I'd do some more stuff like bowling, mini golf, going to the movies, eating out with them. With a girl, I'd probably also like to goto a quiet area in a park where there's a lot shade and a river around and just talk to her about deep stuff like stuff about God or really anything that comes.
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Something like doing archery sounds like it would be fun. Really, I'm more open to doing other things when I'm with other people.

And I do have some other interests like psychology, culture, mythology, science, fake sci-fi science like string theory, parallel universes. Really, I do have a lot of interests I just choose to take focus on God, programming, video games and anime.
Why won't girls even give me a chance?
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