Does a guys hug mean anything in particular as far as his feelings towards a girl?

Im friends with this guy and have been for a little over 7 months now. I've literally liked him since the moment i laid eyes on him. we usually hug when we see each other or are saying goodbye, like usual. one time he came to my house and he was saying how tired he was and he hugged me (yes he made the first move). once my arms were around him he let out a sort of sigh and his body sunk in deeper to fit mine. it was so perfect hahaha! anyway i thought that was interesting. i just saw him this past Friday ( April 4, 2014) and we hugged a few times. when he hugged me, instead of a regular hug, he stood on his tip toes to be even taller than me (in height comparison, i go right below his eyes). I don't know why he needed to be much taller than me but yeah he was on his tip toes with both arms around me (fairly tight) and my head was fitted perfectly into his neck. that was the first and third time we hugged. the second time we hugged was actually for a picture. so we put our arms around each others waist but he had pulled me in really close and our torso's were touching. also, his hand was on my lower back (tightly holding me) and he had his head against mine. i really wasn't expecting all that but i actually wanted it to happen. like i had it all planned out before hand but i never told him! (i got too nervous haha) and so he was positioned like that and my arms were around my waist. so between the picture and the hugs with him on his tip toes, I don't know if that means anything regarding his feelings towards me.

what do you think? please help me haha
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for the record, he is 20 and im 16.
dont know if that affects anything. i mean he isn't one to "use" girls. he's actually one of the most respectful guys I've ever known.
Does a guys hug mean anything in particular as far as his feelings towards a girl?
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