The Best Dessert! Vla! <3

The best dessert! Vla! <3

Vla is a Dutch dairy product made from fresh milk.

Although vla is originally a typical Dutch product, it has also been introduced to Wallonia and Germany by Campina since 2010

Here in the Netherlands, don't confuce it with Holland, we really like vla. We eat it as dessert many many many times.

The most standard ones are vanilla and chocolate, but together is also a populair one.

Every season there are special ones for that season, now it's spring and so now there's strawberry and chipolata flavour and in the fall it's therre is for example pear flavour.

(taste the spring is written above)

Soon we will have our national holidays and so now there is orange flavour (orange is our national colour)

Populair too is the "bolletjesvla" , often that's vanille vla with little pieces of chocolate.

Very tasty but it isn't without risk to eat it (see picture)

Vla with sprinkles because it's possible... ;-)

I can give many other examples of vla flavours and can try to explain how it tasste...

A friend of my has told me it's like a orgasm for the tongue ;-)

Everyone wants to try vla of course now and that's possible! There are online webshops where you can buy dutch food for example here

Now I gonna eat vla!

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  • That sounds delicious although I have to say my favorite dessert is Egyptian baklava.


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  • My favorite is Key Lime Pie

  • Looks really nice especially with the additions.