Some Of My All-Time Favorite Foods

It is almost lunchtime where I live and I wanted to share some of my favorite foods.

Some Of My All-Time Favorite Foods


I love burgers, Burger King, Apple Bees, home made and Ball park hamburgers. I usually go for a burger no matter where I go. They are so delicious. I usually eat them with french fries on the side 😋

Some Of My All-Time Favorite Foods


This is one of my other go to favorites. I love Pizza Hut pizza the best. I crave it almost every day.

Some Of My All-Time Favorite Foods


This is one of my favorite lunches. I love making them and getting them from Taco Bell. These things are so addicting! 😋

Some Of My All-Time Favorite Foods


I love chicken but BBQ is one of my all time favorites. BBQ sauce adds a lot of flavor to chicken and it smells so good.

Some Of My All-Time Favorite Foods


This is my favorite thing to get at any Chinese restaurant. They are so delicious and I usually eat them with white rice. I crave these as much as pizza.

I'm hungry after writing this, it is BBQ chicken time!

What do you all like for food? Share please.


Most Helpful Guy

  • So... uh... meat, cheese, and fried.

    I suppose you already know this but there isn't a single redeeming nutritional characteristic about any of that. I mean, besides a little protein. :P

    • I love my protein lol.

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    • Depends on your definition of "substance." To me, nothing there has any substance at all, and those grapes and strawberries and apples have plenty of substance. :D

    • I admit to having a craving for fried stuff every now and then, though... it's baaaad when fair season rolls around. ;)

Most Helpful Girl

  • each and every dish shown here are my favourites. Especially pizza.


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