13 Reasons Why You Should Bring Me Food Right Now

13 reasons why you should bring me food right now

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Despite the fact that food is necessary to survive in this cruel world, it's also a form of happines that you can simply buy in the store. Here are 13 reasons why you should give me food:

1. I am really hungry right now

Really I am, I am supposed to be sleeping right now but I can't. I have to work tomorrow at 12:00AM and its now 02:13

I am thinking about random stuff and I think this is what being high feels like.

I have never been high in my life, eventough someone who was smoking drugs blew in my face during carnaval

I don't know if you guys now what carnaval is, but it is celebrated in the south of the Netherlands. People drink too much alcohol and are dressed like random things. I went as minnie mouse.

It was at my village and there live only 2000 people, but there also came 2000 people to this party so the amount of people in my village almost doubled.

I think being hungry is enough reason to give me food.

I will bring you food to if you are hungry.

Comment when you are hungry too, we can try to stay calm together during this hard time



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