5 Reasons to Love Cooking!

1. It is like a therapy

5 Reasons to Love Cooking!

Cooking is a great thing to get relax if you enjoy it. For most people it is a have to but if you are cooking for the ones that you care, and enjoy the process, you will feel relaxed and you will get happy when they say how delicious it is.

2. You try new things

5 Reasons to Love Cooking!

There are tons of different dishes to cook. And we all know the feeling of trying new thing for the first time. You discover new things while cooking. And it makes you happy. Especially making up your own recipe...

3. You teach and Learn

5 Reasons to Love Cooking!

When someone eats a delicious cookie of you, she will ask the recipe. And when you eat something really good you will do the same. This will also make you more social. Good way to start a conversation.

4. You share

5 Reasons to Love Cooking!

Best part of cooking is to share it. That feeling you have after cooking a really delicious things. You want to share it with your loved ones. And to feed them makes you happy.

5. You enjoy it

5 Reasons to Love Cooking!

Okay some may get really angry when they burn it but it is generally an enjoyable process.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Very nice! I hope a lot of women read this and take it to heart. It's such a tragedy that most women today can't even boil water, let alone know how to cook anything beyond macaroni and cheese.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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