MyReview: Airstream Cafe

Hello Gagers! Here I am (yet again :P) doing another MyReview for you all! WOOT WOOT! I'm extremely excited to be able to write up another one :)

I was really happy with my first MyReview Sugarbun Cafe . I got amazing feedback and that has multiplied to another MyReview :) Thank you everyone who wrote a comment and suggested some awesome places to try out.

For those who are new to my MyReviews I write according to these 7 key elements:


-The Food





-Overall Experience

All of my MyReview pictures are genuine (the pictures that have the copyright symbol on it IS mine). There'll be a couple of photos that haven't got the copyright symbol on it, those will only be used for "add on" purposes :)

Introduction check✅, 7 key elements check✅, Copyright pictures check✅.. what am missing? Oh that's right!! The NEW review XD


MyReview: Airstream Cafe


MyReview: Airstream Cafe

Airstream Cafe- 285-287 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia.

I have visited Airstream 3 times over a course of 2 years. The first time I went, I went with my sister. I felt really reluctant in trying this place out due to how much it resembled McDonald's and the odd placement of the cafe (on the bottom level, in a food court which was attached to a hotel). It just didn't look appealing to me. My sister persuaded me.. insisting that there will be good food (she promised) so i took her word for it. Surprisingly enough, she was right.

The Atmosphere-

Airstream Cafe on the exterior is very retro. Very old school. To my astonishment, the interior was ultra modern and stylish. Grey, black, red, beige, white and splashes of mustard yellow line the restaurant walls and center. It has a very generous outdoor dining area and a fully equipped bar which takes shelter on the right hand side when you walk in.

MyReview: Airstream Cafe

MyReview: Airstream CafeMyReview: Airstream Cafe

The Food-

The food is fresh, full of flavour and reasonable in price. They offered an all day breakfast, but didn't continue that after 3pm (which defeated the purpose of an ALL DAY breakfast). Airstream caters to vegetarians and also has some great gluten free cuisines as well. The menu was just awkward. You receive what looks like a booklet but really is a spreadsheet...

MyReview: Airstream CafeMyReview: Airstream CafeMyReview: Airstream Cafe

Barbecue Calamari salad- Grilled squid marinated with coriander and Asian spices. Served with rocket salad which consists of onion, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, sesame and fresh lime mayonnaise

MyReview: Airstream Cafe

Lemon pepper crumbed Calamari- served with Greek salad, homemade tartare sauce and lemon. *Chips added was $3.80 extra*

MyReview: Airstream Cafe

Fish and Chips- beer battered served with a refreshing slaw and homemade tartare sauce.

MyReview: Airstream Cafe

Benedict- 2 poached eggs, served on English muffins with crispy prosciutto and spinach. Topped off with homemade hollandaise sauce

MyReview: Airstream Cafe

Mega sized Cappuccino

MyReview: Airstream Cafe

Dirty Chai- Chai tea with a shot of espresso

MyReview: Airstream Cafe

The Service-

When you walk through the entrance and await for someone to assist you to your seat.. you're greeted with an extravagant display of assorted sweets on offer and a friendly staff. The staff (overall) are friendly, attentive and professional. We didn't have to wait long for drinks to flow throughout the table and our meals following close behind.

The Price-

Pricing was reasonable. I felt like the breakfast menu may be a tad more pricey due to the small portions.

Benedict- $16.90

BBQ calamari- $21.50

Lemon and pepper calamari-$27.70

Fish and chips- $22.90

All the drinks- $19.50

Total: $108.50


I went today and today was quiet for a Sunday (which was really nice). I was able to enjoy speedy service, delicious food and great coffee.


I would've liked to experience the service on a busy day. I haven't had that one unlucky day where it may take me over 30 minutes plus to receive my meal (thank god, knock on wood). I can't (and don't have) anything negative to say.. OHH maybe the small portions with the breakfast menu and the all day breakfast not really being an all day breakfast.. but apart from that, I'm very happy :)

Overall Experience-

Quite pleasant. If you happen to be in Melbourne.. come here, give it a go you know. After a nice meal, you can go ten pin bowling, go to the cinemas or roam the very congested streets to try out some street food (if you're still hungry) :P

..And that brings us to the end of yet another MyReview. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed writing it! :)

Thank you for reading

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Whooo that mooky REVIEW, part TWO is live... let’s get it, let’s go!!! Got me like dis...
    *recovers from heart attack of joy*

    Alright on to Airheads... uh, eh I mean, airstream cafe...

    1. How do you call your BREAKFAST ALL DAY, and even put on your menu, ALL DAY, but follow it up with “until 3pm, 7 days a week!

    Already displeased with teh restaurant 🐿😤. False advertisement. Also can I trust liars with my food 🤭!!!

    2. More inviting for fancy folk like 💰money bags mooky 👸🏽 with them prices 😱🙃. (Jk)

    3. Menu looked cool into it morphed into a Dora the explorer, find your meal map.

    4. Atmosphere gets a plus! Looked very happy days esque. Or riverdale diner like. If y’all know them shows lol.

    Overall I do like the look! Especially the outside exterior. That shiny structure would’ve been calling me haha.

    And, and, and mook mook they have this Dinosaur beast burger called B. B. burger. I have to challenge this monster...

    Great post again!!! I love these, in depth reviews 😁 keep em coming yeah. Personal pics, full detailed sit in experience, food & drink recommendation.

    Thank you mookster 😎👍

    • HAHAAH your comments though XD

      1. I know right :/ very misleading indeed
      2. The prices weren't too bad actually :P for places like those
      3. BEST COMMENT EVER!! HAHAHA i couldn't stop giggling at this point.
      4. The atmosphere wasn't that bad at all either. Something i wouldn't normally pick though

      They had an 8 inch burger like that too, but i couldn't tackle that if my life depended on it lol

      Thanks KP :) Appreciate it heaps

Most Helpful Girl

  • This is so cool moody!!! It's like being able to visit a place without being there!!!

    I'm glad you had a good experience and I really hope you're able to do more of these!

    • Thank you lovely :) i really appreciate it

      Most definitely

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  • I hope you post your restaurant reviews on sites where local Australians or travelers might be looking for information on a restaurant. You can take all this and put it into a Yelp review.

    • I have a zomato app account which i publish on when i get the chance too :)

    • It's a good review. You took time with it. I hope you put it out there where it can make the most impact.

    • Thank you kindly :)

  • A nicely built op review sis :D
    When I convert these prices to euro they're in line with what I'd pay here in Belgium for similar things... and these dishes look delicious.
    I'll remind the name, you never know! If one day I'm there I'll ask you along.

  • I liked this concept. I also wanted to copy this idea but I cannot eat junk 🙈

    I wish I had a clearer image of the menu.

    And why don't you give a star in each section?

    • by the way, I love being in India. It costs about half here lol

    • Show All
    • Australia must have some great Indian restaurants.

    • If i ventured out and looked around, that would actually be quite plausible 😬👌🏽

  • Mmm, that all looks so good. I’d love to travel to Australia some time and when I do, I’ll be sure to read all your reviews
    Nice read. 💟
    Bon appetite!

  • I don't think we have those here. And even if we did, I'd probably never go to it since I don't drink coffee and I don't get to go on dates either.

    • That's unfortunate :( i hope you get to go there sometime though

  • 1|0
  • I love your food reviews 😍 the food looks super yummy.

  • you got 12m/3f on your last review... yeah, its totally because you're a good writer and not because you're hot

  • Looks like a cool place but lmao way to expensive no thanks.

    I already got a old fashioned dining place and it's way more reasonable priced.

    • Yeah it’s quite pricey here in suburberia lol 🤭😂

    • Show All
    • Wouldn't expect Australia to have any place like we have here lol.

    • True that lol

  • it looks and sounds nice.
    reminds me off some off the independent place we have here and a few chine type burger burger place ( not fast food ones) more the gourmet ones.

    • I know what you mean :) they have a brand new place (unopened) that i really want to try. They specialise in gourmet burgers, ribs and awesome loaded fries (according to there page). Definitely will do a MyReview on there :) I think that place may be up your alley

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    • Most definitely :) i look forward to doing that one

  • Designed specifically for romantic dates, I love places like these

  • That Salmon was actually quite cheap, here in the U. S they are usually more expensive. I am assuming those menus were in Australian dollars though right? That's cool though I've always wanted to visit Australia and Melbourne is one of the places I want to go to. It's a very popular city for a reason, I'd even go as far as to say its in a way more popular than your capital. Now I have a place to go eat. I don't know how it is over there, but here in the U. S. they lie all the time when they say something is gluten free. Most of them lie so they can make more money. Even the grocery stores, so I'd be careful with that.

    • It wasn't too bad actually :) I hope you can visit Australia

  • I enjoyed reading this myReview. 👍Now I'm hungry 😂

  • Well mentioned and detailed review. Thanks for sharing.

  • Good job mooky...
    I'm waiting to be invited for the chai though ;)

  • All the drinks are $19.50 each? Wow.

    • For all the drinks together, that was the combining cost

  • That calamari and fries look so damn good 😩😩😩

  • Looks awesome! :)

  • looks cool

  • Great review thanks for sharing.

  • Egads... really?


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