7 Things You Can Do At The Café For Free

The café isn’t only for drinking coffee; it’s actually just like a playground for adults. Here are seven things you can do for free when you go at a café.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Drink water

If you ask for water then they will give you (unless if the barista happens to be someone really uptight or he/she just has a bad day). Of course, you must not go to the same café every time you want water; otherwise they will realize what are you doing.

2) Have some dessert

On the bar they usually have something like a small biscuit or a muffin or something like that, they give along with your coffee or your tea. It’s not sure that they will give you, but if you ask politely and the barista is a nice guy/girl then I don’t think they will say no. But of course I doubt they will let you more than one!

3) Hit On The Barista

Why not? You broke the ice by asking her for water as I said in #1, so you can keep the conversation going if there are no clients around of course.

4) Play a game

Most provide board games. Some of them might provide video games as well but the latter are usually coin operated. Personally I am not neither into board games or video games anymore but if you are, then you can join. Especially if one of your friends sits at the café and plays some board game, I don’t see why he/she won’t let you to join!

5) Use the internet

They will give you a WiFi code if you ask the barista as you sit on the bar drinking your…water. It’s convenient if you want to send some message somewhere when you are out. A café has a more stable connection than being outdoors.

6) Use the toilet

It’s only for the clients. How much I hate this phrase when I am out and I am desperate to use the toilet! Fortunately not all cafés follow this policy, and I hope it will never happen.

7) Watch TV

Well, I don’t think there is any café in our days that doesn’t have at least one TV Set. So if you want to watch something you can sit on the bar as you enjoy your…water.

PS: Yeah I know most of you, might call me a cheapskate. I call it smart. You must take advantage of the situations. For example where I live a small bottle of water costs 0.50 Euros from a kiosk. Why pay 0.50 when I can have it for free? Right?


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  • Pro Tip!
    The water is my favorite part. You chug the water. Use the cup to make chocolate milk with the free milk, cocoa, and whatever other spices you like.


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  • Hi @defecation (I know it's you after looking at the comments),
    From where I live, these are the benefits of going to some cafes but not all cafes. Some cafes are so cheap that they don't offer these things.

    • I thought you would realize that it's me by "In alphabetical order".

    • ahah, sorry bro I didn't notice that. I'll look for that in the beginning of each myTake and interact with you meaningfully :)

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  • Never got while people go to the cafés. I have a small ass shitty house and it's still better then a café.

  • , Good post

  • Hypocritical opinion, beware. But the person that goes to the cafe to just water and takes up a seat to watch tv is the literal devil. If you're gonna be doing that, at least buy a drink and be an actual paying customer.
    I said its hypocritical because I'm the type of asshole that goes to the cafe to study and will take up a seat with one cup of coffee to last me for hours. 😂

    • I am the type of person who drinks coffee in an instant...

  • Nice try, but in my country counts: (1) water is never for free, it costs just as much as a coke; (2) you can't sit down unless you buy something, so no watching tv or playing games; (3) you have to pay 50 cents for the toilet if you're not a customer; (4) you only get the wifi code once you've ordered something; and (5) there's absolutely NO way you'll ever find free food anywhere, except from some peppermints and lollipops.

    Man, we ARE greedy! No wonder everyone looks at us like that lol.

  • Haha 😂 This definitely does not happen at Starbucks.

    • Starbucks are really shitty. I went to one for toilet, and they told me I must be a client in order to get a code. I begged them to let me because I was about to piss on my pants, so they did me the favor, fortunately.

    • Did this Starbucks happen to be in NY? Cuz that happened to me, except I bought a bottled sofa to get a code

  • Free you say? Some Cafes are stingy..

    • Perhaps only Starbucks. All cafes I have been let me had water, use the internet or go to toilet.

    • Well... I mean... I've never been denied to pee, I'm almost positive they wouldn't want an accident like that in their work environment. Water is a 50/50 meaning 50% of the time you just want water and not pay for anything else may upset the employees/owner.

      I was a waitress for 3 years at a popular restaurant and we were trained to make sure if the costumer isn't paying for our service then we have to limit their requests (Such as asking for condiments especially) But in those 3 years I've never denied a person to use the bathroom... depends on the place I guess.

  • i've never seen a board game at a cafe

  • You broke the ice by asking her for water as I said in #1


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  • Great Take, but it can't be applied to all the coffee bars.
    1. In my country, they usually bring you a glass of water for free - but only when you order coffee. Of course, you can ask just for a glass of water, but some of the baristas / waiters might be offended.
    2. Most bars in my country have no desserts, only Starbucks and McCafé.
    3. Nah, I'm too shy for that.
    4. I've never seen a bar with board games.
    5. Yep, I occasionally use internet in cyber bars (coffee bars with internet).
    6. Naturally.
    7. I prefer watching tv at home, but sometimes, I watch it in the bar, though, it's very rare.
    Indeed, your tactics is very smart :)

    • Thanks, but I'm surprised that they don't give you water. They always give me when I go in and ask. And not only in cafes but in restaurants as well.

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    • I like it, actually. Mostly because there are many girls around.

    • Well, that kind of crowd I like too :P
      But most of the faculties in my city are related to industrial professions, like metallurgy, so majority of students here are not girls :(

  • Number 5 and 6 is really all that mattered to me. Just remember to use a VPN or something when using Public WiFi in case of hackers and shit. Otherwise, don't log into or use anything that is important, private and personal such as Bank Accounts, School Accounts, Accounts for your Workplace or Business, etc., without enable and using a VPN first.

    You can always watch TV on your computer also, but if they have something worth watching you can hang around a while longer to watch if you want.

  • How does this shit get promoted?

    • Only promoted? It got Featured as well.

      PS #1: I am an Editor, so my MyTakes get Promoted automatically.

      PS #2: I won Editor Of The Month recently. And I noticed you weren't much satisfied about it... isn't it?

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    • Their site their rules bro...

  • I don't know if I would have the guts to try that

  • Lol so funny. In my country a café is for beer.

  • Not to the cafes I've been to, it's either buy or get out.