Dear Meat Eaters, You Can Help Too :)


Hello there everyone. I’m Haely, and I’m an ethical vegan. Unlike some of the very abrasive vegans out there and their extreme views, I believe veganism is ideal for the sake of reducing suffering and harm to the planet. I don’t believe it’s the “nutritionally superior” diet, as no diet truly is, and I don’t believe all meat eaters are bad people.

Love, compassion, peace <3 <3
Love, compassion, peace <3 <3

I also don’t believe you need to be vegan to help the animals or the planet. It’s the biggest way to help, but it isn’t the only way. I believe even small differences make a huge difference, so here are some ways you can help without being totally vegan!

Meatless Mondays

This is a fun and easier one that can give your tummy a break from digesting things like red meats. It’s also super easy and anyone can do it! Swap out your favourite meat-based meal for a veggie or vegan alternative, like spaghetti with veggie grounds or black-bean tacos! There’s so many awesome recipes out there, and with so many Mondays in a year, you could really benefit the planet and the animals by making this small change.

Dear Meat Eaters, You Can Help Too :)

Switching to dairy-free milk

Nut milks and soy beverages have come a LONG way! Arguably, they’re even tastier than regular milks, and being fortified with extra calcium means they’re even good for you too! Instead of having milk in your cereal or coffee, try a yummy nut or soy beverage.

Dear Meat Eaters, You Can Help Too :)

Being flexitarian

A term used to describe a vegan who isn’t strictly a dietary vegan. There are lots of people who can’t go vegan because they love cheese, or fish, or they’re scared of the social aspect of having to go out to eat or eat with family. This is where freeganism comes in.

“Be vegan at home, but not outside.”

If you could be “mostly vegan” by eating vegan but still eating cheese, that’s still great! If you’re vegan except for when you eat with family or at restaurants? That’s still a big step! This is all helpful, and it’s amazing! Even going vegetarian is a big step or eating meatless most days except for weekends. These are things everyone can do.

Dear Meat Eaters, You Can Help Too :)

Stop eating red meat (or one meat/fish/dairy group)

The issue of carbon emissions is a big one, but we can reduce it by even just cutting out steak and burgers from our diets. If you remove even this one meat product, you can help limit suffering and your carbon footprint.

Dear Meat Eaters, You Can Help Too :)

Use biodegradable products

Paper towels, cleaners – there’s lots of product that reduce harm to the planet that work excellently that you can use! This reduces the impact we have on this lovely earth that houses all of us and other beautiful creatures.

Well, there you go! Some easy things even meat eaters can do to help the cause! I hope you all enjoyed it, please be kind in the comments and respect everyone’s choices and opinions. I didn’t come here to judge or persecute anyone, so I request you do the same.

Dear Meat Eaters, You Can Help Too :)

Of course, I would love it if everyone was vegan, but I understand it isn't easy to do. So, if you do even a small, little thing, that's good enough for me.

Peace and love to all of you angels.

Dear Meat Eaters, You Can Help Too :)
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  • Anonymous
    wtf im full of this shit, why you are trying to get more people to be vegans? Not only you, most of vegans are trying to get other people to not eat meat. STOP. UR ANOYING u know that? MEAT IS NOT A BAD THING. Without meat is actually bad to live and stop with this bullshit like meat is going to kill you, yea its going to kill you if you live like retard and have 0 activity, ur going to die anyway then. Im super healthy and before i had super low body fat with huge amount of muscle for 17yo and u know what helped me? Meat lol yea weird fact hmmm. Without meat its impossible to build muscle and meat gives you extra energy. Just stop with stupid posts about Vegans, WE DONT CARE, i won't stop eat meat and u will get nothing with that. Thanks.
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    • This article isn't about trying to make people be vegans, my angel.

    • Anonymous

      no, ur just trying to prove us that meat is bad but to keep eating it. And what are you doing in life? I just commented and you read&replied in like half minute? seems legit

    • I never said meat is bad, my angel, I understand the nutritional value of it. I don't believe people should be vegan for health reasons, but for the planets and the animals.

      Peace and love, brother <3

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  • Benedek38
    Hi Haely, I'm Ben. I recycle, and I care about out environment. But I also like meat, eggs, and dairy products.
    Also, I don't appreciate having to buy vegan food in small packages and using vegan ingredients that cost 2 or 3 times as much, and produce a lot more waste than regular products.

    So I wish you the best, but there is no way on Earth I am going close to veganism, or even venetarianism.
    With all due respect, Imma make some juicy steak now.
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    • Unit1

      I second this. Very Nicely said.

    • You don't have to buy only vegan products Ben, there's lots of easier and cheap alternatives like beans and legumes, tofu, and others! All of these are much more natural, very cheap and very good for you. Also, you don't have to be vegetarian or vegan, small changes, like Meatless Mondays, help too.

      Peace and love <3

    • Benedek38

      I don't know where you live.
      Around here, tofu is rather expensive - apart from being tasteless.
      I eat beans and legumes, but the problem with those is that they contain way too much carbohidrates and fats for my taste. Essentially if you want to get proteins from legumes, you can ONLY eat those. Want a slice of bread with it? Too much carbs. Plus let's be honest, beans are just as bland as tofu. And they make you feel like your belly is full of concrete.

      "All of these are much more natural, very cheap and very good for you."
      More natural than what? Meat? Humans were always omnivores.

      I am not rich. I eat meat when I can. My taste is defined by my wallet. So forgive me for saying this, but I really can't take a burden that I can't even associate with. My life is chaotic as it is already. I don't need unnecessary mental barriers to feel bad about eating a hot dog on a Monday.


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Most Helpful Girls

  • CHARismatic110
    More people than you think eat a "flexitarian" diet. I don't eat meat everyday and not even on purpose. I eat red meat probably once a month even though I should probably be eating it more often because I'm chronically anemic and need the iron. Cheese and I will always be best friends, even being lactose intolerant lol. I will give you credit for being probably the least abrasive vegan I've come across tho. Not everyone is going to take to your message positively because simply put, people like their meat. And they don't wanna be told that they shouldn't eat it or to change it.
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  • Alice2398
    I didn't even really read this but I do have one day in the week when I don't meat for dinner but the picture of the little girl hugging the cow is really cute that's the only thing i came for lol
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  • Kurαȷ
    Or simply buy your meat, dairy and veggies from legitimate farmer markets.
    Support small businessmen and good agricultural practices.
    Instead of multi-billion corporations who are making money on hippies by selling them "nut milk" that is really just some water, xanthan gum and carrageenan.
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  • passinby
    I hunt and butcher my food when I can. There is no better source of healthy protein than wild game. I grow my own vegetables and citrus too but I have no intention of starving to death for some foolishness. I need my damn meat, dammit. I am an "abrasive" carnivore.

    Actually, I have almost eliminated dairy just because I am approaching 8% bodyfat and building. Whey is the only dairy I do now. I eat many of the things you list also already. Nut milks are good.
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  • MrKinktastic
    Thank you for being reasonable with your views. I disagree with a number of them but I appreciate that you were able to put them in a concise way and back them up with the reasons you believe them.

    Personally my answer to this moral dilemma was to raise my own meat and buy from local farmers. I know they had a good life and a quick death without undue suffering. Currently I see bigger issues with our heavy input model of agriculture, particularly the damage tilling and pesticides/fertilizers are causing. From my studies in agriculture livestock are an integral part of the carbon cycle and are required to fight the desertification side effects of vegetable production. There's more than one reason most of the ancient societies only farmed river valleys with regular floods, one of them is that the outlying areas dried out very early in the agricultural revolution.

    I think there's a place for both omnivores and vegans and that we will do a lot more for animal welfare by working together rather than fighting with each other.
    You are not helping animals any more then a meat eater is. In nature animals get eaten, that's their existence, with humans they are actually protected for longer periods of time before getting eaten and are assured that they will reproduce, that's not the case if we simply let these animals go. Yes we could be doing better, the industrialization of ranching has made things worse, we should allow them to be free range grass fed animals but that's different then claiming that its some how unethical to eat animals. Hunters are actually the most ethical meat eaters as they stick to the natural selection process, they eat what they kill nothing more nothing less, which does not fit into your idea of ethical treatment of animals even though it is as natural as it gets. Also as the link I provided shows, farming is not particularly ethical, at least not more then ranching and eating animals as it hurts not only animals, destroys habitats, produces nitrogen run off that kills off large amounts of aquatic life due to the increased algae blooms but it also can negatively impact human life. Their is no ethical diet, but you can incorporate as many ethical practices as you can into the farming and ranching.
  • Riggers
    I wish vegans would eat meat. Theyre so selfish for not eating it, I wish they would stop being vegan and adapt to my own viewpoint, because thats how i think and feel so it must be the right way to live...

    This is how vegans are ^... And its fucking tiresome.. Noone cares about the special snowflake diet generation..
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    • 0asis

      Most vegans were meat eaters before going vegan. I ate meat for 22 years and recently went vegan. So your point here is invalid. All we ask is for people to open their minds and put themselves in the victims shoes. Maybe you're tired of hearing about it but maybe try seeing it from the animal's point of view who are tortured, neglected, and abused on a daily basis on factory farms. When we look at injustice, do we look at it from the perpetrators perspective or the victims?

      It's not a snowflake diet, it's the only way forward. The rainforest is being destroyed so people can grow soybean crops for livestock so people can eat them, which is destroying the ecosystem. The oceans are being overfished and the runoff from factory farms is causing dead zones in the ocean. It's estimated by 2048, the oceans will be fishless which means lack of oxygen for us and no future for our children.

    • Riggers

      @0asis Look at the way you say your points though, From your first paragraph to the last you demonize everyone who dosen't want to be vegan. Make them feel guilty, make them feel like theyre wrong. You just perfectly illustrated my first point,

      You can't just say ''Hey, i know you eat meat, but.. its causing some issues, so, how about just eating a little less meat eh?''. But no.. its always ''Hey, i know you like meat, this makes you a murderer and a torturer or poor innocent beautiful little animals who scream out for their mummies as theyre brutally massacred for your bloodthirsty taste for their flesh''..

      Eugh.. Its fuckin boring to listen to... Imagine if we started every single sentence explaining how ''Personally, as a meat eater'', or.. ''Recenently i was enlightened into the ways of meat eating''..

      Most vegans, dont give a shit about the planet benefits, they do it for some vapid, idiotic, trent based feeling of social superiority. Vegan is a fashion statement...

    • 0asis

      That may be the way you view it but I DO NOT demonize anyone. I've seen more angry meat-eaters than I have angry vegans. We are all very compassionate people, give or take the sparse few that are quite aggressive but that is not who the majority of vegans are. Vegans are the nicest people I've ever met.

      The thing is, if you kindly ask people to stop eating meat, that's not gonna do shit. Like, if I had asked you to stop eating meat you probably would have said no way. I know because I've been where you're at. I didn't want to stop eating meat. The only way I changed is seeing and learning about the factory farms. That's the way people's brains work. You need to see it for yourself.

      Did I say anything like that? No. I didn't. I simply asked you to see it from another point of view and all I'm trying to do is spread awareness. I know it's hard to hear that. No one wants to hear they are paying for animal cruelty but that's the honest to god truth

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  • Izumiblu
    Well... this is nice... kudos to you for being the least judgmental vegetarian on planet earth.

    ... sustainable farming practices can reduce impact as well. Many of the same ideas can be applied to vegetable farming as well.

    I’d also drive people away from nut milk as those are horribly inefficient result in a lot of waste and use a lot of water. Soy milk is a better alternative but soy is a massive contributor to deforestation. Other alternatives are pea milk and coconut milk.

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  • VaIiant
    Why would I bother doing any of this? I love animals and all, and the way certain animals are killed is awful, but not everyone needs to cut meat out. I love meat, especially red meat, and it makes me happy. I don’t know if this was your intention or not, but this sounds like you’re trying to enforce veganism, or some forms of it, onto people who don’t want it.
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  • Waffles731
    The biodegradable thing is the only one i would be willing to do.
    Now, answer me this
    What do you propose to do, about overpopulation of deer or about the millions of feral pigs in the south who are an invasive speciee that are responisble for 8 BILLION DOLLARS of ecological damage a year.
    Cause the only real answers tk either of those things involve bullets
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    • I'm vegan, but I'm not unreasonable. I understand that hunting is sometimes necessary to protect an ecosystem, but over-breeding animals and putting them through terrible things is creating an even bigger problem.

    • Waffles731

      Well not the answer i was expecting. You do seem reasonable

  • Cosytoasty
    Well, i can't disagree with biodegradable products, they are an excellent idea. I already design carbon neutral buildings and am researching carbon negative fillers for concrete... so i think i contribute enough to have my KFC.

    I do have one question though, do vegans eat fish or are they not supposed to?
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    • hasrett

      You design carbon neutral buildings... marry me? 😍
      What are carbon negative fillers for concrete?

    • Cosytoasty

      @hasrett Haha i "try" to. It's actually cheaper to build than a normal building and it's relatively easy once you get your U values good enough. The big issue is what the architect wants it to look like lol (which usually means energy intensive steel to make these beautiful huge spans). P. S I'll definitely marry you, so we can argue over dinner about building hehe.

      Carbon negative fillers is basically using fly ash instead of portland cement in concrete (It's carbon negative because it's already a waste product of coal burning). Making cement is one of the biggest contributors of C02 to the planet overall so we're trying to reduce how much we use.

    • hasrett

      Don't worry, I won't argue much. I promise I won't use huge spans and that I'll try to get all my building to be grade A at least, if not A+. :P

      by the way, I think vegans don't eat fish or any seafood.

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  • torken
    So here's the thing: I'm a meat eater because I don't believe it is wrong to eat meat. I don't believe that animals are entitled to any sort of rights.

    Now, the environmental argument for eating less meat is more compelling, however you do realize that eating less meat will directly reduce the number of animals too right? It isn't like they'll all go free, we will cut down their numbers and cows will still exist solely for food or not at all.

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  • CubsterShura
    One more thing. Buy meat from only good sources where the animals are treated well and given proper food and they cause less wastage and stuff... Overall more efficient. If it's expensive then eat less meat but it's good for health and the environment. I also don't want to eat a lot of meat because of the unhealthy stuff the animals are fed and also the hormones that they are given.
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    • TripleAce

      ya but that doesn't change the fact we are slaving the animals... and they still end up dead in a slaughter house... for food
      its so bad lol...

    • Elaine_17

      @TripleAce That's true, but at least they die living in a place where they're treated kindly instead of a place that doesn't even let them go outside and are kept in cages.

    • TripleAce

      @Elaine_17 doesn't make it any better
      If someone treated you nicely then stabbed you in the back to feed to their dogs

      Would that make you be like. Oh cool what a nice person?

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  • bubble_tea
    Great take! I can't agree with bio-degradable carrier bags though. They take much longer to turn into compost than the time the plants have to create compost, because in the words of the manager "even the rain worms wouldn't touch those bags made of corn".
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  • Elaine_17
    Why is everyone so harsh about this? This is practically like an article informing others. You didn't have to click on this article. She's just informing us, not criticizing in any way. You can either make a decision to listen and take action to it, or you do not.
  • Catholicgirl22
    Why would I do any of this and what would happen to all those cows if we stopped eating meat would they be put down with no one to take care of them?
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    • They wouldn't have to be put down, they could be released or go to sanctuaries.

    • Besides, even if they were put down, it would be a less cruel fate than the torture, abuse and processing they're forced to undergo.

    • 0asis

      It wouldn't happen overnight, it's impossible for it to just happen all at once. It will be a slow, gradual decline over years and years and years. If the demand for certain products goes down, the producers of those items will make less and less of said products. So cows are not going to take over the world. The only reason there's 56 billion farm animals on this planet is because WE are forcefully breeding them into existence for our own selfish needs. So if we didn't do that, there wouldn't be that many farm animals

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  • Prankster13
    How about no meat Fridays? We used to do that growing up as part of church.

    Not gonna do that milk thing cause I love dairy. But no meat I could try. I could be vegetarian maybe. Mostly.
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    • That's good too.

    • 0asis

      You can still have dairy that doesn't harm animals. There's tons of different alternatives; almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, oat milk, hemp milk, rice milk, pea milk. There's also dairy-free cheeses, yogurts, and ice creams. So you don't ever have to stop having dairy

    • @0asis No I mean I like real milk. And dairy. From cows. My mom had goats once and I didn't even like goat milk. I don't think I'd like nut milk either.

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  • lazermazer
    Great take. I am vegetarian.
    I know the fact that all the suffering and emotional pain which animal suffers , all that is gets absorbed by humans.
    That’s why they’re so depressed all the time and have mental disorders.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    • 0asis

      What's stopping you from being completely plant-basedmor vegan? Just curious

    • 0asis


    • lazermazer

      @0asis i guess only difference is animal diary right?
      I do not drink milk that often

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  • Dargast
    Well, I personally only eat meat three times a week, since it can be unhealthy to eat it every other day. It helps when its from a local farmer I trust. there's also lots of meals where meat can be switched to fish.
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  • 42CupsOfFlower
    Damn this was like a really passive take and everyone is like super triggered. I am not, nor do I plan on being vegan/vegetarian myself, but I find it strange people are so touchy about this...
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  • watercolor_lions
    I appreciate the respect in this post.

    Though I don't necessarily agree with your views, I like your ideas. Some of those would be good to include in a personal diet. I love the Meatless Mondays idea. And I do enjoy non-dairy milk:)

  • JZ909
    I don't want to lose all the protein that I get by being a meat eater, but I understand the ethical reasons for veganism. A thing that I'm excited by is meat substitutes. A few of them are now real competitors to real meat in terms of flavor.
    • 0asis

      Protein comes from plants, not animals. You can get just as much protein on a vegan diet as you can eating meat, you can probably even get more. Beans and lentils and nuts are very high in protein and have 0 cholesterol (which clogs your arteries and can lead to heart disease and diabetes). If you want protein, you're best to go with a whole food plant-based diet as you're getting protein straight from the source. That's where every animal you eat gets their protein from.
      Patrick Baboumian is a strongman and he's vegan:
      Jehina Malik is a bodybuilder who has been vegan since birth:

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