What my diet is like in a Day


So this obviously is what it was like when I was living my normal life before this whole coronavirus mess.

I wake up and do a run around 5AM. Which consists of an hr of sprinting the straights and walking the curves.

We had a prvt kitchen area for me and my teammates we usually cook with each other.


I would make a Turkey sausage and 2 eggs and cheese on a English muffin. I usually get yelled at by Deshawn because he says the frying pan I'm using is for the eggs and I was trying to cook the sausage in it.

I break the egg yolk and put some salt pepper and paprika on it.

I put Jelly on the English muffin.

I make a smoothie with it. I put strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, packet of brown sugar, Whey protein, A sprinkle of chia seeds, 1 banana, handful of of spinach, 2% milk until you reach desired consistency.

Usually i am rushing to my 7:45 Class. i get to class and eat my breakfast before i go inside.

I pack a bag of grapes and a dole pineapple tidbits packs to keep my energy up for practice.

After practice I usually get food from the training table for dinner(our pvt kitchen for the track team.) but it's not good so I will give you an example of a home cook meal I sometimes prepare if I have time.

The example I'm giving for this particular mytake is Turkey legs, mashed potatoes and green beans with Turkey sausage and onions.

After dinner doing homework or relaxing I normally get hungry again and finish off the bag of grapes I got earlier.

This is the turkey sausage onions and green beans
This is the turkey sausage onions and green beans

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it

What my diet is like in a Day
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  • SydneySentinel
    I'm soooo hungry. This was hard to read... lol
    I've not heard of adding brown sugar to a smoothie. The rest sounds delicious!!
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    You just gave me a craving for grapes & pineapple tidbits.
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Most Helpful Guys

    Damn i think im hungry now. 😂 i don't get the problem with the pan. I use one pan for everything including eggs.
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    • NickiB1

      they have a system and I disrupt it.

      people cook eggs for they food and at the sametime others are cooking sausage to save time.

      we have a busy schedule and try to save time as much as possible.

    • Just hire a cook and let him do the cooking. Its a better system. You guys don't have to worry about cooking or cleaning. 😎

    • NickiB1

      college students. we mostly don't got jobs.

      hard enough to juggle school and athletics without a job. we travel across the country also.

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    do you make grits?
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    • NickiB1

      I don't really like grits.

      I never made it myself.

    • weeeeeeeeeelll, that's aight then... how about beans?

    • NickiB1

      yes. love beans

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  • LilElph
    That sounds good
  • beebella
    Now I'm hungry. 😭
  • jillybeanns
    Very similar to my diet :)
  • Ratmuffin
    Mainly Peruvian
  • Mrswright077
  • Nickel_Slam
    Plenty of people eats that.
  • simplelikeme
    Why get mad? And tell him to mind his own...😊